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feedback + photo i love

houston + christy got their album this past week…it was a STUNNER (i wanted to get to the post office before it was dark, so i didn’t take any pictures of it before sending it off)…

We got our album yesterday!!!! YEAH!!!! We love it so much and we’re keeping it for the rest of our lives…and beyond! The pages are so nice Gwyn, and of course the pictures are amazing. It’s perfect. We’re afraid to touch it, so we’re leaving it in the box for now. We don’t want to hurt it. Thanks Gwyn, I appreciate you and all the hard work you put into all our photos 🙂 They’re exquisite! Love, Christy

annnnddd…here’s one of my favorite ring shots ever, from seth & jessica’s wedding.

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konnar: senior|newburyport, massachussetts photographer

konnar is a classmate of kayla’s…and she also needed new senior photos…so we met up in newburyport when she got out of school to make some magic happen.

we lucked out and there was still some pretty fall color to be found in newburyport.

her mom came along…so of course we had to make sure to get a couple images of the two of them together…

this may be my absolute favorite image from the session.  she just looks so beautiful and peaceful and strong.

another favorite…this location we found was full of eclectic colors and textures…it was a dream to shoot in!

amazon konnar!  and adorable konnar.

have you ever seen a face this fierce?  wow.  konnar you’re FIERCE.  (that’s a tyra-ism…she’s not an ANTM fan.  girl’s got way more going on in her life than i do, so no time for tv.  :-D)

this time of day is one of my favorites to shoot…when the light is golden and soft enough to let people face it directly.  look how it makes her eyes glow, and the blue of the sky and the water behind her…magic.

thanks for hanging out with me yesterday, ladies.  hope you enjoy these images!

anyone else looking for fun and unique senior portraits…get in touch!

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Rob Oresteen25 November 2010 - 17:52

Man, I love this session, Gwyn.

Love the looks, not over processed, great work.

gwyn6 December 2010 - 19:17

thanks rob! (sorry it took me a little while to get this approved.)

retroblogging: marie + rob: married|salem, ma wedding photographer

so…i’m trying to play catch up…a little bit at a time.  today i bring you marie and rob’s rainy october wedding in salem, mass from last year.

marie with her dad preparing to walk down the aisle.

doesn’t marie look stunning?!

their bridal party was a good time.  😀

and…what could be more fun than a saber arch entrance into your reception?

a LIGHT SABER arch entrance!

i LOVED the floor in the bar at the salem waterfront hotel.

due to time constraints and weather, we didn’t get to take many portraits of just the bride and groom prior to the ceremony, so we went out and had some fun with the nighttime light in salem.

wedding days that were rainy at the start but clear up for evening…are lots of fun to play with.  i love how light bounces off of wet sidewalks and streets and creates a magical and romantic atmosphere.

marie + rob…sorry i’m such a delinquent blogger!  i had lots of fun at your wedding…and i hope married life is (still) treating you well!

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Gail15 November 2010 - 14:10

The light sabers are an extra dose of awesomeness! 🙂

Melissa Martelle10 January 2011 - 19:10

I really Love the dress alot i want my to be similar I am fuller figured and like higher waste band…. everything look so lovely tho

sarah + zach: engaged, part 2|maine wedding photographer

you saw part 1 last week…and i’m a bit behind the times, since they’re already married, but this is the part of the shoot i love the most!  i already told you how their session had to be EPIC.  enough to satisfy zach that we weren’t doing his idea…(he wanted to jump off a bridge naked, twirling and kissing in the air.  he was shot down.)

so brainstorming with the two of them, i suggested…give me a list of ten words that describe you and your relationship…so they did, and we used it as a springboard for awesomeness at their session.  and then…well, check out their super adorable guestbook…i don’t know if i’ve been prouder of a guestbook since i started photographing weddings.  i think it’s cute, quirky, unique, fun…and best of all…really captures sarah + zach.

(i traveled with them when they were living in canada…i can totally attest to the hungry!  :-D)

the book was a big hit at their wedding…which you’ll see here fairly soon!  it was AMAZING.

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jess4 November 2010 - 18:31

awesometastic!! 🙂

Becky23 November 2010 - 20:27


I mean. Those are some sweet bikes. I mean, pics.

Love the guest book idea.