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chuck’s literary adventures

when i saw this image (click for original source)

i was blown away by the creativity of this baby’s mom. i immediately posted it on facebook, proclaiming, “next person who asks for a baby session…we’re doin’ THIS!” my friend liz immediately responded, “ooh ooh, pick me!”  she’d been planning on having me do a 6 month session for her little girl (internet nickname:  chuck) anyway, so this was a PERFECT opportunity for both of us to exercise our creative juices.

liz made all of the costumes and provided many of the set elements.  i laid out the sets and provided other colors/textures…and the goat!  tell me in the comments which stories you think chuck is “acting out” for us.

(this one’s my favorite!)

can’t get enough of chuck in that wig? i couldn’t either! she looks just like a real life cabbage patch, doesn’t she?! and those EYES!

liz is seriously impressive with the whole wig-making, costume compiling thing, huh?


if you’re interested in a make-believe session like this for your little one, please send me an email!

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Becky1 August 2010 - 22:46

Oh my dang. I heart this SO MUCH! I can’t decide which I like better – Heidi or Dorothy.

Matthew1 August 2010 - 22:55

I just died a little inside.

gwyn2 August 2010 - 00:31

i should clarify that this is a GIRL baby!

Tam2 August 2010 - 01:07

seriously? like…OH MY GOD. LOVE. that is all.

kristel wyman2 August 2010 - 16:05

i want to conceive a child just so i can hire you to do this. it is my most favourite thing of all time.

craig john2 August 2010 - 17:04

Holy awesome! That is bloody brilliant. LOL

Kim Robbins2 August 2010 - 19:27

OMG! Love! Love!

Liz (Chuck's mom!)3 August 2010 - 12:01

Love, love, love, love them. Can I emphasize that enough. I loooooooove them! Thank you, Gwyn!

Rachel3 August 2010 - 13:26


Robin3 August 2010 - 13:36

These are so inspirational and creative!

Marina7 August 2010 - 00:14

OMG GdUB!!!!! these are awesome!!!! I would love to do some of these with my kids.

katydid7 September 2010 - 06:23

Oh my goodness–these are SO CUTE!!!!!

baby tommy|dover, nh family photographer

my friends adam & gina recently brought baby tommy home. i was so honored to spend some time with them this week to celebrate his arrival into their lives.

we started off with older sister lou-lou…giving her a little one on one concentrated attention now that there’s a new addition to her family.
cute as a bug, huh?

the thing that makes me love love love this one is how it shows the layers of family.

i think this one is my VERY VERY favorite from the session.

i really wanted to make sure this session was about the entire family and this time in their lives where they’re changing and welcoming and making room for a new addition.

and last, but certainly not least…welcome to the world, baby tommy.

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Jaimie Dee Photography26 July 2010 - 09:39

Beautiful website! I LOVE your work! I just stumbled across your stuff today and think it is amazing!!! I really appreciate your shooting style! I could look through your work all day. Keep it up! 🙂

gwyn26 July 2010 - 09:52

wow, thank you so much! what a nice compliment!

dani + greg: married|lincolnville, maine wedding photographer

dani + greg are special.  in the good and wonderful way.  not in the way where you say, “that’s special” and you really mean, “wow, that’s…totally not awesome in any way.”  i’ve known dani since september 2008 when she was a bridesmaid in matt & amanda’s wedding.

they chose an amazingly breathtakingly gorgeous venue for their party.  they got married at the point lookout resort in northport, maine…and let me tell you…it was AWESOME.  the food was GREAT, and all of the resort staff could NOT have been more helpful.  there are lots of rustic and charming cabins on site for guests to stay in…if you’re looking for a mid-coast maine venue…this place kicks ass.

the views yesterday were obscured by some CRAZY fog…which meant we couldn’t see the spectacular ocean views, but the fog added mystery and whimsy to the day.

waiting to see greg for the first time in her wedding finery.


after they saw each other and took a few minutes to breathe and say, “this is really happening!” it was time to take a few portraits.

isn’t she gorgeous? and isn’t their love lovely?

good lookin’ bridal party, huh?!

dani had her heart set on peonies for her bouquet…problem is…peonies aren’t a july flower. but her mother-in-law discovered that if you pick peony buds and leave them in the fridge (for up to 3 months!) they’ll keep…you just take them out of the fridge 3 days or so before you want to use them so they’ll open up. her bouquet turned out SOOO pretty! (and, i’m sorry, but i have to brag a little…i went up early on thursday and my awesome 2nd shooter and i (thanks allison!) stripped the flowers and made all those pretty bridesmaid bouquets during the rehearsal dinner. seriously proud of them. :-D)

what’s that? you want a closer-up view? ok. i can accommodate that. 😀

sometimes…brides want to take their veils off after the ceremony. and sometimes…i go ahead and hang onto them for them. and sometimes…this is what i look like.

(i’m not sure if i’m proud or chagrined that this is NOT the only picture of me that i have like this.)

when there are guests at a wedding that i know from previous weddings i’ve shot…i always try to make it a point to take an updated picture for them. amanda & matt were previous clients, and kristen now has herself a rob…and she was one of amanda’s bridesmaids.

dani’s mom made all the table runners (and the ring bearer’s pillow. and the FOUR flower girl dresses. and the ribbon cuffs for all of the bouquets), her bridesmaids (and a groomsman) helped with boutonnieres and table arrangements, and a bunch of us worked on the centerpieces for the guest tables. i told you dani’s SPECIAL…the way everyone came together to help her achieve her vision is proof ten times over of how loved she is.

there’s a lot more that i could show you, but i feel a bit like a runaway train already.
dani & greg…you two are marvelous, and i love you bunches! thanks SO much for inviting me to be a part of your day, and thanks for INSISTING we join the party. 😀 have an AMAZING time on your cruise & make sure i see you before you leave for PA!
(and thanks again to the awesome allison who flew up from savannah to help rock this wedding.)

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naomi10 July 2010 - 21:51

wow gwyn, these are pretty! great job with the bouquets!

Amanda13 July 2010 - 20:06

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Beautiful flowers and wedding all around!

melissakoren15 July 2010 - 10:41

i love love love northport. And this wedding! awesomeness personified again!

[…] goes out to amanda. because if amanda hadn’t hired me…i never would have met sarah, dani, or jennilee (and ryan + stephanie wouldn’t have found me either). and if i hadn’t […]

dani + greg: engaged|newburyport, ma wedding photographer

dani was a bridesmaid at amanda & matt’s wedding almost 2 years ago…we bonded and have stayed in touch, and she assures me i was one of the first calls she made after greg proposed.  they’re getting married this july, so we met up this past weekend.  gail werner was in town to help me shoot naomi & paul’s wedding on saturday, so she came along, too…and we enjoyed how utterly magical new england is in the summer.

our first stop was plum island. we found a gross stingray…thing… i told grego as a man it was his job to turn it over so we could see it.

(this one might be my favorite from the entire session.)

this is one of gail’s that i quite like.

after we left the beach, it was time for a flatbread refueling visit before doing some more shooting around amesbury.

grego’s pizza was a little bit sad and decrepit…but it still tasted good (well, i am gathering it tasted good based on how quickly he downed it. 😀 being fabulous for the camera is hard work!)

aren’t they the cutest ever? and isn’t amesbury beautiful?

last but not least…i told dani i wanted to trade legs with her, but she didn’t seem open to the idea. i tried to talk to her about being flexible and willing to experience new things, but she just looked at me like i’d grown a 3rd head.

my very FAVORITE moment from our time together doesn’t have a picture, though…when i met dani, greg was deployed to iraq w/ the national guard…with my soft spot for the military and having some first hand experience with the sacrifices those serving and those at home make…i offered to team up with her and make an EXTRA SPECIAL surprise for greg…so, when he asked me at dinner if i do other types of photography other than weddings, i looked at him and said, “YOU should know. :-D”

dani & greg…can’t WAIT for the party next month!

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Gail4 June 2010 - 21:31

YEAHHHHH…these are SO awesome Gwyn! I’m sure Dani loved them all. And how awesome is that shot you got with the river and the bridge? TOTALLY worth screwing up your ankle (which, by the way, I hope is feeling better!)

[…] dani + greg are special.  in the good and wonderful way.  not in the way where you say, “that’s special” and you really mean, “wow, that’s…totally not awesome in any way.”  i’ve known dani since september 2008 when she was a bridesmaid in matt & amanda’s wedding. […]