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alanna+bobby: engaged|newburyport, ma wedding photographer

look at me…i’m a blogging maniac this week!

a couple weeks ago i went and hung out with alanna + bobby in newburyport.  they. are. so. FUN!  they’re getting married exactly ONE MONTH from today!  in key west!  yeah…it’s going to be sheer TORTURE going down to florida to photograph their fabulousness with their families.  please…wear black and pray for me and all those other things you do in solidarity and mourning.

we met at maudslay state park…i’ve photographed there before…it’s a big, sprawling nature reserve (word to the wise:  if you’ve gotta pee…do it at the facilities near the parking lot…rather than, y’know, setting off walking for miles without heeding nature’s call.) with LOTS of options…beautiful stone walls, waterfalls, views of the merrimac river, gardens, and there’s even archeological ruins!

this session, though, was all about the light.  you’ll see what i mean.  without further ado…

this may very well be my absolute favorite image from the entire session.  i love seeing alanna be herself…and bobby unable to get enough of it.

in case you haven’t seen from all the other photos…alanna’s eyes are UH-MAZE-ING.  amazing.  totally gorgeous.

a + b…see you in paradise in ONE MONTH!  can’t wait!

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scotty10 September 2010 - 12:22


pat - the bride's Mom!14 September 2010 - 12:12

can’t wait to meet you in Key West! great job on capturing their sweet spirits!

[…] here.) well, they’ve had a WHOLE bunch of changes…so we revisited the site of their engagement session…and this time, we had their new bubba lucy (whom bobby calls lucifer when she’s in a […]

new product!|dover, nh wedding photographer

i recently got a wedding album in the mail…and i thought i’d take a few pictures before delivering it to the clients.  i ordered from a new vendor for this album, and i could NOT be more happy with it.  i will DEFINITELY be ordering from them again…to give YOU all amazing and beautiful ways to show off your images.

you can see in this picture how lovely the printing is…it is detailed and vibrant…the best i’ve seen in a press-printed album yet…and i’ve ordered from several vendors…and been happy with them!
my other favorite thing about this book is how completely wonderful the texture on this paper is.  it reminds me of high-end watercolor paper.

a spread from their ride in the back of a vintage bentley.  😀

past (or future!) clients…send me an email if you’re interested in one of these books.  they’re AMAZING quality, and they’re more affordable than you’d think!

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debbie + ben: engaged|boston, ma wedding photographer

debbie and ben live in charlestown, so the navy yard was the obvious choice for our session…and i was PERFECTLY happy with that, bc the navy yard is full of amazing views and colors and textures.

doesn’t debbie have a beautiful smile?  (i also really LOVE the colors they chose to wear.  so crisp and summery and refreshing.  can colors be refreshing?)

they’re getting married this saturday!!  up in maine…can’t wait to see you guys…and ben…thanks for suffering through the SHEER TORTURE of having your photo taken.  😀  you made it look easy, man.

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retroblogging-jennie + joe: married|haverhill, ma wedding photographer

jennie and joe waited a long time for this day.  (and almost as long for me to blog about it.)  through school…jobs…life happenings that forced them to postpone…they stayed committed to their vision of a perfect, 50s inspired party…right down to venue choice!  jennie wanted it to feel like a wedding would have in the 50s, so she chose the haverhill country club to have their wedding.  her color palette was influenced by the colors that were popular for weddings at that time…her dress style…and on and on.  her commitment to detail really showed in how the whole day came together, and her custom made dress was just perfect!

(i believe this is joe’s grandma seeing her for the first time.)

the place cards were keys paired with a car (wedding colors, of course).

i always feel so special on the occasions when i get a name card.  😀

they had kind of a drive-in theme, so the tables were numbered like the opening sequence of a movie.  also, jennie looked far and wide for all of the beautiful milk glass vases you’ll see.

the (delicious) cake was provided by andover cakes.

custom labels in their wedding colors made chocolate bars a sweet favor.  (also, yes…yes, i am blogging their wedding the day after it happened!  a day + a year.  i’ve always said i’m a delinquent blogger!)

i photographed sara’s wedding in 2008.  she and jennie have been best friends for, like, decades.

ok, i’m not afraid to admit that i’m kinda dorky.  i figured with their awesome 50s style, it might be fun (albeit dorky) to do a group shot reminiscent of the ending of a guys and dolls number.  so that’s what’s going on here.  i think the guy on the left’s face/pose is my favorite.

first dance

would it be a wedding without “shout”?

(this guest doesn’t think so.)

we borrowed a guest’s hat for a few more portraits.  i think it fits with the vibe of the day PERFECTLY, don’t you?

we grabbed their friends to help them rock the hat and the piano…

check out those legs and those shoes!  and that skirt!  and those cars!

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katydid7 September 2010 - 06:16

Gwyneth—I LOVE these photos!! Another awesome job! Wow, I’d like to get married all over again so you could photograph it! 🙂 (the photo of the grandma seeing the bride is priceless)…

Jen9 September 2010 - 02:53

She has SPECTACULAR legs!! I love these shots Gwyn. I think you aught the feel perfectly 🙂

Shannon13 September 2010 - 14:04

I love the *squee!*expression on her face at the end of the ceremony! And the Guys and Dolls shot! And the last shot! Oh my, such a fun-looking day!

Dorthe13 September 2010 - 14:39

Ohh my – love the shots with the grandmother – I even started to cry. Perfectly caught. Also loving the last pic with the cool cars.


Jennie15 September 2010 - 09:38

Awww… The photo’s look even better year later. I love! I sometime’s wish I could go back to that day and just dance around. hahah Thanks for capturing my wedding day so beautifully!
– Jennie