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c’est moi

hey there, cats and kittens! thanks for stopping by. no really. thanks! i’m glad you’re here.

i’m gwyn. i’m a navy brat and recent transplant from the east coast to portland, oregon. i love any excuse to travel, so send me an email and see if we can’t work it out!

being entrusted to capture who you are…in this moment…is a huge privilege, and it’s not one i take lightly. whether it’s photos of your family, your love at the start of a huge new chapter, the day you promise forever to your best friend, or photos just because this moment is important…i’d love to be there, and i promise i’ll BRING IT.

this fabulous “job” (ok, no, it IS a job. it’s not ALL fun and games :-D) has taken me to multiple countries, LOTS of states, made me dozens of friends, and inspired me untold times. it’s made me cry and made me laugh. i’m really grateful to have found a way to challenge myself and pay the bills in a creative manner.

if you want more weird, random, and juicy info about me, i will gladly oblige. because random is fun!

*red is my favorite color.
*then turquoise.
*polka dots, cateye glasses, european bicycles, passport stamps, cherry blossoms, and perfect burritos make my heart go pitter patter.
*i have a cat. some people have compared him to a naughty toddler. they’re not wrong. also, he looks like a leopard and is named after the malaysian prime minister.
*i firmly believe in the superiority of german engineered vehicles. and if you ever get to drive on on the autobahn, i doubt you’ll disagree! 😀
*i use nikon. but i used to use canon.
*i have one sister and two cute nephews.
*cuba is top of my “i want to go to” list. it is probably not the next place i will visit.
*is there anything better than cobblestone streets? or the ocean?
*i love to snowboard.