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sarah + zach: engaged, part 1|portland, maine photographer

so…anyone who’s been ’round these parts for a while has seen sarah and zach a few times.  their wedding was one of the ones i was most excited to shoot this year…and i knew their engagement session had to be epic.  for instance…zach’s idea was to find a bridge…and they would both jump off…naked…and kiss…in midair.  sarah and i both vetoed that idea, but the pressure was on to come up with something that would satisfy zach’s need to go big or go home.  i’m PRETTY sure we accomplished just that.  but the awesomest part of their session is going to have to wait for part 2.  (so y’all come back now, y’hear?)

we started off at portland velocipede…i met josh & gillian…its charming owners…a few months back in my european-style-bicycle obsessed haze.  i knew they’d be up for helping me do something fantastical for sarah & zach’s session…they didn’t disappoint!  they are always SO helpful and do their utmost to make sure your riding experience is nothing short of amazing.  even knowing we were just borrowing the bikes for a jaunt around the block, josh filled tires and adjusted seat heights for zach & sarah.  (i took one out, too…that was a frame size too big and the seat was probably too high, but i didn’t really give him a chance to do any adjustments!  and even on the wrong size bike…they just ride better in europe.)

dunno if you can see it, but sarah’s cream and purple pashley sonnet bliss perfectly matches her outfit.  couldn’t have planned it better if we’d tried!

they also tried out some of the cargo bikes portland velocipede just got in…i believe this one’s a bakfiets.  when i was in copenhagen in may…i saw entire families in/on one of these babies!

while we were riding, josh even hopped on a pashley guv’nor and came to check how we were faring.

sarah hadn’t been on a bicycle in years…and was wearing a skirt and platform heels…and it took her all of 10 minutes before she was proclaiming that she wanted to take the sonnet bliss home with her!  (another brief plug for portland velocipede before i move on…go visit them.  ride a bike.  connect with them on facebook or twitter.  they’re awesome.  also, they have their first tweed ride coming up on nov. 7!  my new pashley britannia hasn’t been shipped from england (sad face), or i’d be there with tweed on!)

after a fun ride around old port…we set off on foot for another of my crazy ideas.  (some of this crazy will make a LOT more sense in part 2.  some will probably still just be crazy!)

sarah likes kissing zach better than kissing a silver stripe…

after a brief staring contest…zach proved to be more open-minded.

i think i’ll leave the others for part 2…

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Matt Keo1 November 2010 - 17:28

I think this is soooo cute!

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Gail15 November 2010 - 14:12

My favorite session of yours. Eva!

[…] sunday i met up with jill + greg (who went to high school with my beloved sarah + zach) in NJ to capture this time in their lives when they’re young, independent, living in (near) […]

kayla: senior|newburyport, ma photographer

today i went to newburyport, ma to hang out with kayla and her mum…kayla’s graduating in may…which, of course, means senior picture time!  she’s a super cool girl…into skateboarding, windsurfing (the family spends their summers in oregon.  i wish i was as cool as them!), and running.

the one on the left is one of my very favorites from the session…

this is another favorite…

these were at kayla’s mom’s request…very mary tyler moore, no?

kayla (& teresa) thanks for the fun afternoon…i hope you love these images, and i’ll see you when it’s time to hang out with the whole fam!

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busy little bee|dover, nh wedding photographer

so.  october.  in new england.  it’s pretty much the new june for weddings.  i’ve photographed 3.5 weddings already, and i’ve got 2.5 more to go…here’s a tidbit of what i’m working on (and bonuses from september.)

first up in september, january and i flew to PA to be with lindsey & brian.

the next weekend i was up in maine at sebasco harbor resort with ben & debbie.

had a weekend off to prepare for the NEXT weekend…

friday i was surrogate shooter for christa who couldn’t shoot her best friend’s wedding because of being matron of honor…i know…weak excuse.  😛

saturday morning i was up bright and early to photograph leah’s bat mitzvah…the party was at the portsmouth pearl, which is a super cool venue i’d never even heard of!

first wedding of october was my beloved jess & pete.  oh how i love them.  and we had some lovely light there by the three chimneys inn in durham…

didn’t even have to wait a full week for the next fabulous fall wedding…jess & seth got married on friday at the willowdale estate…another amazing venue i’d never worked at previously…(but fully intend to again!)

saturday morning up bright and early…earlier than i would have liked for sure…to catch a flight to key west for alanna & bobby’s wedding part 1.

i feel like the only way this could be more key west…is if i’d found her some drag queens to pose with.  😀  the parrot is a little more photogenic, though…

had a rather more…adventuresome…trip home than i’d have liked…(upshot to getting stuck in miami overnight:  friend you haven’t seen in over a decade…and yardhouse happy hour.  but then this past saturday was sarah & zach’s big day…i was so excited for this one…me love them long time…and sarah, well, she is so ridiculously stunning.  i told her if i didn’t love her so much, i’d hate her.  (her other friends totally agree.  :-D)

so…today’s another crazy busy day, so i’d better quit blogging and get back to work!

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Alyssa Andrew25 October 2010 - 22:56

Wow the last shot is stunning of the bride, as well as the serious couple standing near the trees!

dan + mel-10 years!|dover, nh photographer

my friends dan + mel came to visit from CO this past weekend…i insisted on getting them in front of my camera.  we walked around dover and took pictures that (i think) totally capture how funny and adorable these two are.  they’re best, best friends, and they’re the best kind of couple…being around them as a single person doesn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable…just a teensy bit sad, because they’re what everyone wants when they say they want to fall in love.  they’re warm and welcoming…but you know you’ll never be inside that circle.  anyway, enough of that.  on to the cuteness, and happy 10 year anniversary, you two!  (sorry in advance that there are so many images…i just loved loved loved this session.)

how cute is she?!  (answer:  so cute.)

dan is an aspiring filmmaker trapped in a soul-sucking 9-5…so dover’s own strand theatre seemed like a fitting backdrop for these two…especially with their ensembles…

i told them to be moviestars posing for the papparazzi before the premiere of their new film…dan promises me he’s going to photoshop the name of his movie into the marquee above them…

if you looked at their facebooks, you’d see them with jumping pictures…everywhere.  they travel a lot…and mel’s working on a jumping with dan & mel around the world (or something like that.  her title is better.)  so i HAD to get at least one jumping shot.

i didn’t really tell them what to do here…but i love it…

(yes, i know.  i am the luckiest girl ever to live in new england, in such a charming, magical town.)

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mum19 October 2010 - 19:04

And whose fascinator and beads MIGHT she be wearing? Hmmm?

gwyn19 October 2010 - 19:05

i’m sure i have no idea what you’re talking about, mum!