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i have about 12 posts to write, but please be patient

strictly informational post

1.  the next month-ish is RIDICULOUS in gwyn-land.  i

ali & rob–engaged

rob & ali are getting married in less than a week&#

sob story

this is in no way related to photography… i just

i have amazing friends

my friend tammy of light crayon photography a wedding/


*side note…it is totally one of my irrational pet

hannah & jeff–married

hannah’s mom is a faculty member at wellesley, so

aaannnndddd…we’re back!

first off…i am so sorry for the hiccup!  i’

hannah & jeff–engaged

hannah & jeff met in seminary in NYC…she grew

julia & joshua–engaged

julia and joshua are pretty laid back people…they

nicki & shane–engaged

so…i’m not sure if i should admit this,

warm fuzzies

this morning i woke up and found this email from raegan

charles & mary–engaged

charles lives in chicago. mary is in her 4th year of

oh my goodness

i’m at my parents’ house in upstate ny&#

heather & andy: wedding

i met heather almost 10 years ago…we both did a

my website is fixed!!!

after 2+ weeks of non-functionality, my website has

claire & bobby-part 2

**i started this post, oh, roughly…a couple ice

technical difficulties

it’s probably a bit late to be announcing this,

please don’t think less of me

this post is going to be some blatant search engine

oh man!

this week is ROCKIN’ my SOCKS! first, i got an