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heather & andy: wedding

i met heather almost 10 years ago…we both did a year long internship program for recent high school graduates.  heather and i worked for the same boss, and i reconnected with her last summer when i went out to indiana to photograph a college friend’s wedding.  so when i saw notice on one of the too many social networking sites our generation is plagued by that she was engaged, i sent her a sort of silly, tongue-in-cheek, “i know a wedding photographer :-D” email.

to my surprise, she wrote back and said, “tell me more!”

i went out to indiana last month not knowing a whole lot about what they had planned, but the entire day was just…amazing. their close friend and former pastor performed the ceremony–it’s always so much more meaningful when the officiant KNOWS the people committing their lives to each other and can add a personal touch. the wedding was a testament to how much their friends love them; so many people came together to make the day a success!

anyway, i’m in love with the photos…without further ado:

the girls all made their own bouquets.

how gorgeous is she?!  SERIOUSLY.

first look

waiting for showtime…as soon as i walked into the house where they were having their wedding, i saw this area and thought, “must photograph heather here!”  then, as wedding days are wont to do, the day ran away from me…so when i saw her sitting here of her own accord, i repositioned her slightly, and this is the magic that ensued.  i love, love, love this image!

like i said…having an officiant who knows you makes the ceremony that much more special.

(bustling…i love the story this photo tells…especially the cat.  that little cat was so sweet and friendly…and clearly wanted to be part of the festivities!)

stealing a moment during the family formals…and being introduced to the party as MR. & MRS.!

speaking of family formals…i frequently have the groups do some silly stuff…to loosen them up and get those natural smiles i love so much.  in indiana…there’s no other option than to tell them to pretend they’re riding millennium force at cedar point!  (incidentally…i once rode that ONE too many times, and, uh…regretted it on the car ride home.  i also regretted the taco bell grilled stuffed burrito i ate.)

this is jess, one of heather’s oldest childhood friends.  i also knew her from the internship program we did after hs.  now she’s married to her hot husband jay, and they have an extremely hilarious baby named kian…he makes…pretty much the best. faces. ever.  (click on the link below to see some of them.)

h & a had wedding pie instead of wedding cake…it went perfectly with their backyard indiana barbecue wedding.

b&g portraits with delicious evening light, and a special first dance

they topped off the evening with a sparkler exit.  i think more people should do these…it was so cool!

i didn’t include dancing photos, but DANG…their friends could MOOOVE…i was so entertained watching them all.  definitely click to see the rest of the photos here.

heather and andy…you are absolutely fabulous, and so are all the people who love you!  thanks again for bringing me out to be part of your day.

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Sarah14 July 2008 - 09:08

Yay! I’ve been waiting for these! Absolutely gorgeous, just as I knew they would be–Heather is such a classicly beautiful bride, and OMG, that necklace? Killer.

Also, GREAT job on the ring shot.

Rachel15 July 2008 - 14:29

dang! these are all so, so delicious. you kicked this wedding’s ass, G!

Jonathan18 October 2008 - 11:03

These shots are amazing. Now I feel like I was there.

-Jon, in Indy
(who sadly missed the wedding)

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