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providence rhode island wedding photographermeg + david: may 16, 2009


you’re a rockstar. seriously. everyone (myself included) is totally freaking over these pictures. i would love to take out a thank you billboard but (for now) this oozy and squealy email will have to do.  we told d’s dad yesterday that there is, in fact, a picture of d & i with his fam and – i kid you not – his dad did a little dance and squealed. it was hilarious.

so, in closing, you’re awesome.


salem massachussetts wedding photographerashlee + jesse: november 14, 2009

What can I say about Gwyn that sufficiently explains how amazing my experience with her was? First, understand that other than marrying Jesse, she was my favorite part of my wedding. Gwyn finds these unique things about everyone (and especially Jesse and I) and captures them in these gorgeous photographs. I can think of a dozen photos that I think yah,I remember that moment SO well. There are so many “typical” moments to remember in a wedding, but Gwyn was able to get the no so typical, seemingly not so important moments that continue to make me smile.

Every picture she does is completely different and so creative. I cannot say enough of how happy I am that I found her.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Gwyn’s pictures not only give you the words, but also all the feelings that go along with them. THANK YOU!




houston, tx wedding photographer

christy + houston: march 13, 2010

Gwyn that it all came together for me. I got to slow down and see the moments she captured, and they took my breath away. Not only am I taken aback by how beautifully Gwyn took the pictures and how lovely everything came together…but she also captured “us”, our personalities and our love for one another.

I spent two hours looking through these photos and cried by how touched I was from all the moments, glances, and emotions that were present that day and Gwyn was able to capture. I couldn’t imagine them any better and I am eternally grateful for Gwyn’s gift and utter genius. 🙂 Also, I made a new friend and she’s just lovely! When you know your photographer you feel safe and you can ejoy it. Gwyn made us feel like we could do no wrong! I loved it.



boston massachussetts wedding photographer

fred + jessica: october 4, 2008

“Thanks for all your help, Gwyn! Jessica and I will cherish these the rest of our lives. We had a hard time deciding on our favorites.

p.s. You wouldn’t consider going to eastern NY for a wedding? I just had such a great experience working with you before I figured who else could handle the most important day of my life?”





north shore massachussetts wedding photographerchrissa + daniel: may 5, 2007

Oh, Gwyn, you are a genius! What beautiful, beautiful shots you captured. I would go through picture by picture if it wouldn’t end up being pages long. I love the angle you got of Daniel and myself at “the altar,” I love that you captured the moment when I felt compelled to wave at everyone when I saw them all assembled, I love the picture of our friends through the windowpane, and our friend Allison laughing at the table (that’s sooo her), and on and on and on. Also, I must confess, I have often admired those “glamour shot” photos of the bride’s lovely hairdo, which is actually why I felt motivated to have something special going on back there, and even though it the midst of everything it didn’t occur to me to ask you to take that photo, you did – and it’s the most gorgeous one I’ve ever seen!

Gratefully yours,



raegan + joe:  may 9, 2009

i can’t imagine my wedding without having had gwyn there.  from the second we met she proved to be a complete professional, an artist and a really, really good friend.  she went with the flow as our wedding plans changed from a traditional wedding near our homes to flying our friends and family down to the cayman islands for a small destination wedding.  she answered all my (sometimes crazy) questions and reassured me that everything would be perfect and beautiful and no matter what happened i’d have amazing photos to tell the story.  her experience and creativity blew me away both during the year of planning and during the three day tropical wedding extravaganza.  her personality charmed all of our guests and allowed them to open up to her camera and capture their experience beautifully.  she calmed my nerves on the day of and made me confident i was looking as pretty as i felt even in the 100% humidity at 5am the morning after the wedding!  in all of the decisions and second guessing and craziness that comes with planning a wedding, working with gwyn was one thing i never doubted.   the photos are better than i could have imagined in a million years.







Gwyn,I can’t even quantify the value of knowing a photographer who “gets” us.  The four shoots you’ve done for us have produced the most incredible true-to-us portraits.
The maternity shoot we did with you first was so much FUN.  At eight months pregnant, I felt huge, uncomfortable, and unattractive.  You made me look glowing, beautiful, and downright sexy.  Who would expect a pregnant mommy in leopard lingerie and red heels?  You made me feel comfortable enough to try it, and the results are astounding.  The pictures with my husband are alternately funny (comparing belly-girths!) and reverent.  You caught the intimacy of our special time of anticipation.
The infant shoot just a couple months later showed the celebration and wonder of new parents and child getting to know each other.  I loved how you set up the structured scenes like the baby-in-the-Moses-basket as well as snapped the unscripted moments, like Matthew’s Lion King “behold, my child!” pose.
The mini-shoot you did when Katherine was six months old gave us wonderful images of her budding personality – her mischievous, curious, angelic little self.
The Trash the Dress shoot for our fourth anniversary captured the essence of our relationship better than our “real” wedding pictures.  I love how you were willing to do anything to get the shot, including submersing yourself in pond water up to your neck!  The experience of the shoot itself was the most fun date we’ve had in a while, and the resulting pictures authentically illustrate our interaction with each other.  It’s like you caught us with our public pants off and our souls showing.  I treasure those pictures.  Thank you so much for the photographic memories you’ve given us.  I hope you’re not busy in October 2028…I want to pre-book you for our 25th anniversary vow renewal!  -Becky