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sob story

this is in no way related to photography…

i just want to moan. you don’t mind, do you?

so, this is mildly controversial, but i believe in indoor-outdoor cats. i think, dude…their natural life inclination is to eat small furry things and climb trees. and we have modified them so they like to sleep on pillows…therefore, they should be allowed to indulge both impulses. and let me tell you, these beliefs have been tried and tested, and i have suffered for sticking to them.

my cat mao (mao z edong, to be exact. mao=cat in chinese w/ a different tone. it’s funny. also because he has a super round face.) goes outside and then comes back in. all summer i have been sort of afraid to touch him, but lately, he has been nice and cuddly, and i haven’t gotten up and washed my hands immediately after petting him.

i am paying the price. again.

i have poison ivy all over the underneath of my chin and creeping up the side of my face. stupid cat. stupid living near the woods. stupid sensitive skin that sees a p.i. leaf and breaks out into unbearable pruritous. (i’ve had so many cases of poison ivy that i know all about technical terms and the actual agent which causes the allergic reaction. if you’d care to hear all about it…you just let me know.)

also…i am sick. stinging throat, hacking cough, and dripping nose.
i’m at my friend’s house, and her 2 year old daughter keeps “blowing her nose” to copy me. she handed me a tissue and said, “dwin needs anuvver tisssssue?” i blew my nose and said, “that was a lot of snot, katherine.”

she “blew her nose” again and handed me the tissue, “LOTSA snotses, dwin!”

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meg15 September 2008 - 14:23

ohhhh no… get david talking about poison ivy. seriously. you guys can commiserate.

feel better!

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