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please don’t think less of me

this post is going to be some blatant search engine whoring.  since i’ve been doing this wedding photography thing, i have shot ONE, that is uno, un, satu, y (i can’t remember how to spell the chinese pin yin)…less than two and barely more than zero in any language…wedding in portsmouth.  portsmouth, that is beautiful and charming and RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD!  i’ve gone to boston and other places in mass SEVERAL times, and even went to nashua and manchester and bedford, nh once each.  which is great.  but PORTSMOUTH…i pine for you!

i have a major crush on portsmouth, nh, and i really, really wish brides from portsmouth, newington, exeter, hampton…all the cute towns around here would find me.  so…i am typing all kinds of relevant keywords and phrases in this post…please, please don’t hate me.  i’ll make up to you later this afternoon with some hott photos of a glorious indian wedding.  deal?

so, portsmouth wedding photographer…that’s me.  (see what i just did there?  i sicken myself.)  but you don’t understand…boston, cape cod, portland, me…those all take me a couple hours plus to drive to and from.  once, last summer, i had a wedding on the cape, and i was BEAT.  i had to pull over and take a nap in the rest area.  yeah, and by the time i woke up…it was, “everyone is leaving the cape for the week” rush hour.  very strategic of me.  the 2.5 hour drive became 2.5 DAYS.  and no, i am not exaggerating.
(ok, i am exaggerating a LITTLE bit.)

so, ladies and gents…if you’re getting married in portsmouth, nh and looking for a photographer to capture the beauty and fun of your wedding day…call me.  you’ll make me a very, very happy girl.  and i won’t forget it.  (however, i hope that you WILL forget this post.  not you, google…just everyone else who read it.)

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Tammy20 April 2008 - 21:14

if I lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire or anywhere NEAR Portsmouth New Hampshire, like Newington, exeter, hampton, etc. I would hire you as my WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER and ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS in about 2.5 seconds…maybe less.

xoxo your buddy who does NOT live in Portsmouth New Hampshire, nor newington, exeter, or hamptom.

gwyn21 April 2008 - 12:52

haha, tammy…i love you!

Kelly Lee23 April 2008 - 20:29

HAHAHA, Gwyn, you made my day with this!

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