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ali & rob–engaged

rob & ali are getting married in less than a week…so, i guess i should write about their engagement session, huh?

when i walked into starbucks–where we’d agreed to meet–the first thing they said to me was, “we like you!  you’re short like us!”  our time together just got more fun from there.  (just got more fun?  that sounds horrible.  how would you phrase something like that?)

starbucks has a rule against photography inside their stores, so…i told them, ‘get in position, and then i’ll real quick snap a few frames…’  i’m so sly.  and we didn’t get in trouble.

rob is a folk singer-songwriter (my favourite kind!)…he used to be on the board of club passim, which is like…THE venue for boston folk music.  he brought his guitar along, and i was ALL about that.

(i like this one of ali watching him play…she looks so happy and proud.)

and one last one…she loves hello kitty, and he loves bigfoot…and they love their mini cooper (i love that they drive a mini cooper…it’s the perfect size for them!–note that i am included in that.  my car is scarcely bigger than a mini cooper.  :-D)

they saw these photos a few weeks ago…this was ali’s email to me:

Holy cow!
(Holy Bigfoot?)
These are GREAT! Love them!
I’ve got a waiting room full of patients, and I keep making them wait more ’cause
I just want to look at pics! Can’t wait to get home and really savor them!
Wow- thank you so much… For taking the time, for making the drive, for
hobbling around with us, for giving me the opportunity to get comfortable with a
camera, for not getting annoyed with my inability to not make goofy faces, for
making my skin look better than it is, for being so, well, completely lovely.
We are lucky to have found you.
I’ll work on straight faces… Think the practice this weekend will help.
So so so sorry to hear about the poison ivy.

(i should point out that that was a DIFFERENT bout with poison ivy than i am currently suffering from.  i think i am the most sensitive/allergic person to p.i. i have ever met.  but that’s not what this post was about!)

rob & ali i can’t wait to come party with you at your campground/family reunion wedding!

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Becky28 September 2008 - 18:03

I love Club Passim! I think we’re going to see Pierce Pettis there soon.

jess22 October 2008 - 23:13

love these! especially the colors and angles. you rock girlie!

Marina28 October 2008 - 05:36

wow g-dub, love your posing skilz.

such personality with these two! great work.

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