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nicki & shane–engaged

so…i’m not sure if i should admit this, because i don’t want anyone else to feel unloved, but i think nicki and shane are my favourite clients of all time. and you all know how i love my clients. but i think i love them so because…they’re just like me! heh. nicki’s from new england, but they were living in south carolina, because shane is…wait for it…a marine fighter-pilot. when we were working out the details of their package, nicki and i talked for almost an hour…a few times. it was strange how much we had in common. (oh, and she is a photographer, too.)

shane recently came back from a deployment…and they had to move, like…immediately. they’re now stationed in “balmy” (haha!) corpus christi, tx…so they were THRILLED that they had a trip scheduled to new england to meet with all their vendors. portsmouth is right on the way up to maine where most of their appointments were, so we got together and had a BLAST (culminating with a delicious dinner at the friendly toast…)

there’s also the fact that…there are some couples that make my job so easy. i don’t even have to direct them…i’m still working out my settings, and then i look up and what i wanted them to do…they’re already doing. i remarked on their lovey-doveyness to nicki, and she said shane’s gone so much for work they don’t ever get sick of each other. one of the perks of military life…hey–there’ve gotta be SOME, right?

without further ado, the unbelievably photogenic, nicki & shane:

sharing the last dregs of shane’s mango smoothie at the toast…with picturesque portsmouth in the reflection.

this first photo…is one of my ALL TIME favourites. we saw the sax player playing at the end of the pier, and i remarked that we’d have to incorporate him somehow…as i said it, he packed up and started leaving. but nicki…bless her, piped up, “sir, if you stay and play for us, i will tip you greatly!” it was much better with him knowing he was in the shot…

see? no direction whatsoever…i just let them do their thing. (also, you can’t see it because the background is blurred out, but this angle looks onto the portsmouth naval shipyard. there’s a watertower with a big NAVY sign. i thought i would be SUPER FUNNY and have that in the frame…because marines LOOOOOVE to be reminded that they are ACTUALLY…just navy boys. (my dad was navy, so i take particular pleasure in reminding marines of this.)

by nicki’s request…this is the ring shot she wanted. heh.

that bridge goes right over to maine…she’d just told me how much she liked it, so i’m glad we got a few shots that incorporate it. it’s kind of iconic in portsmouth, even if it is awkward and green and rusty.

playing with texture a little bit (on the right…just in case that wasn’t clear. :-D)

nicki and shane…i can’t wait for your wedding…and the SABER ARCH!!!



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Nicki Doherty & Shane Bursae13 September 2008 - 19:56

Gwyn…we had such a good time with you that day…joking around, talking photography shop, climbing the tree, and dinner at the Friendly Toast!

We love the photos and love you!

-Nicki & Shane

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