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saritha & niraj

i failed you.

i promised.

and i’d like to think i’m a girl who keeps her promises.  but i’ve clearly proved that i am not, because i promised this days ago…and i’m just now getting to it.

so, you all know how this riotous explosion of colour started. margaret picked up her phone. and i rearranged my schedule. and flew fewer than 24 hours later to florida. the venue was the hilton sandestin, which is, like…an entire CITY!  (i’m serious.  it has its own branded strip malls, and golf courses, like 17 and a half hotels, and people LIVE there.)

also, when i was waiting at the airport for margaret to pick me up…the sheriffs…i guess they decided, “well, everyone’s picked up their stuff, no more flights coming in tonight…our work here is done.”  so…they got in their…this is not a joke…ELECTRIC GOLF CART, complete with sheriff’s logo on the front, and very quietly whirred off into the night.  my only regret was that i was sitting there alone and had no one to laugh at them with.  will you all laugh with me?  i mean, florida is WEIRD, right?

without further ado…the photos.  this was a two day event, and i took…a LOT of photos…this is just a handful of my favourites.

day 1

it was florida.  i’d just left snow and ice and cold…i was ecstatic to be in the land of sand and ocean and palm trees.

abstract…i almost deleted it, and then i was like…wait a second!  that’s awesome!

day 2

indian jewelry is crazy beautiful and sparkly.  and i loved the texture of the leather on that chair…incidentally, past clients looking for albums…leather w/ that texture is totally a cover option w/ the supplier i use.  it’s hott.

the transformation from woman to bride is always great…but this was like something out of a movie.

mmmm, look at that tasty reflection!

this was after the groom made his big grand entrance and the entire throng was making its way to the ceremony site.  i originally uploaded it because i thought it was hilarious how bad it was…but it’s kind of grown on me over time…i like the colour and movement.

i was shooting through a gauzy veil/curtain thing…i just…love this.  love.

when you’re second shooting…it’s a lot different than if you’re the primary photographer.  the goal is to complement, rather than capture all the really important things.  to see different moments, different angles, different details.  it’s a fresh and creative challenge, but i thoroughly enjoy it every now and again.

i almost shot the whole thing w/o a flash…but then i broke it out the last night to get some drama in the dancing shots.  and, uh, the cake shot.  the decorations at this shindig were INCREDIBLE.  (they were done by mandap world out of atlanta.)

they had some incredible performances…this girl could MOOOVE!  (also, i was playing w/ a few different camera techniques.  you get this whirling vortex effect by quickly swinging your camera around w/ a wrist-flick while you press the shutter.)

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