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so, i finally created a facebook for gwyneth colleen photography.

you can be my friend here, or visit the page here.  or both!  be my friend AND my fan.  it will make me feel good.


also, i don’t think i mentioned this, because i didn’t want to advertise that i still had a desk job (not that it was a SECRET, mind you), i just didn’t want all my lovely clients to think that they weren’t getting my full attention, because that was certainly not the case.

anyway…i gave notice at my desk job, and soon i will be a 100% full-time pho-to-graph-er.


everyone’s asking me if i feel so amazing and have i celebrated?  the short answer is…nope.  it’s been coming down the pipe for a while, so i’m mostly glad to have the making-the-announcement-to-my-boss monkey off my back.  i won’t feel FREE until i don’t have to come back every morning at 8am.  then…THEN…i will devise a fabulous and creative way to celebrate.  (or maybe a divinely lazy and gluttonous way…or maybe both.  maybe i’ll start my day w/ a sleep in and cookie dough for breakfast and THEN do something wildly extravagant and creative.  we’ll see.)

anyway, what does this mean for all of you?  hopefully…nothing.  in fact, i’m hoping it will create some life boundaries for me so i might be slightly LESS accessible.  you will not get an immediate email response anytime between 8am and midnight…but…you WILL get a happier, more well-rested and better adjusted photographer.  and that should translate to better photos!

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