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this may be a record…blogging a wedding less than 2 weeks after it happened? go me.

so, you already know i went to columbus 2 weekends ago to shoot ashley and andy’s wedding. andy is a friend from college…we lived in the same apartment complex, took hebrew together, and served on a student committee together. good times. also, you should know…andy is FREAKISHLY NEAT. his apartment was always one bajillion times cleaner than mine. i used to walk over to borrow his vacuum cleaner…oh, once every 3 weeks if i was feeling particularly donna reed-ish…

i first met ashley last summer when i went to columbus to visit my friend phil (who is an awesome wedding photographer in his own right, but due to a recent girlfriend acquisition, he bailed on second shooting with me. as my friend hannah would say, “only extremely naive people believe ‘bros before hos’.” (not that i am calling myself a bro, but you know what i mean.)) ANYWAY, i was telling you that i met ashley, and i remember thinking she was pretty and very nice. (she popped in toward the end of a big group dinner, so…it’s not like we sat down and had a heart to heart.)

without further ado…the photos.  (they got married at the awesome everal barn and homestead in westerville, oh, but…somehow my favourites don’t showcase the super cool venue.)

ashley’s sister made the bouquet…pretty, right?

this is one of my favourites…i don’t know why.  kate the bridesmaid was doing her bridesmaidy thing and helping ashley with…something.  maybe i just like the colours or the layering…dunno.  also, kate INSISTED on calling me gwyneth paltrow, so i was forced to point out that gwyneth paltrow, while awesome as pepper potts in iron man, is about 8 feet taller than me, 100 lbs lighter than me, and names her children after fruit.

there’s kate again.  helpful, that one.  also…v. photogenic.

this is one of my very favourites!

andy gettin’ his bow-tie did by his brother/best man.  (who is about 80 feet tall…he probably had to stoop.)

i probably shouldn’t admit this…but…they were all so serious, and they were sorta friends, rather than just my average clients (not that i don’t love you all, i DOOOO!  but i probably wouldn’t do this with a bride whose husband-to-be i did not eat spaghetti and meatballs with in college.)  anyway…they were all so serious, so i told them…if there’s a butt in front of you, grab it.  and they did.  and it is hilarious.

while i’m confessing…i will further admit that…i kind of have more fun shooting the groomsmen than the bridesmaids.  please don’t stone me.  i know they’re prettier in their nice dresses and strappy shoes, but…well, i can’t get them to do stuff like this:

or this:

or this:

or this:

do you need a close-up of andy in the middle?  because i did…

(he informed me that those are light grey cashmere socks from the gap.  i prefer to hold onto my belief that they are white athletic socks that he’s wearing with his rented tux.)

andy’s comment on this one:  “this is pretty dang awesome.  it’s like a i merit an entire cadre of bodyguards.”

don’t you love the way he’s looking at her?  that’s the way guys are supposed to look at their girls.

this one makes me feel a little mushy, too, the way he’s gently stroking her hand during the prayer…and i won’t tell anyone he was peeking.

heeeeyyy!  we’re married!  wooo!

(all of the sepia toned images were processed with “tasty coffee” presets developed by christina rawatta…i’m loving them!)

b&g with their deliciously adorably chubby nephew jacob.  he was a doll.

i had to include this one…check out the father of the groom’s facial expression…(i told them to pretend they were at cedar point on a roller coaster…i’m buyin’ it…aren’t you?)

first dance

groom with his super cool sister-in-law stef…

and lastly…chucking the bouquet.  (one of her 2 unmarried bridesmaids caught it…much to her outward chagrin but probably inward secret delight.)  also, it must be said…at these moments, i am very glad i’m the photographer and cannot be made to go stand over there with the group of unattached ladies.  “what?  oh, no…sorry.  gotta take the photos.  too bad.  maybe next time!”

ashley and andy…thanks so much for letting me be part of your day.  i had a blast, and hopefully it won’t be too long till i’m back that way again to visit that awesome apartment of yours!

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Andrew Hunn13 May 2008 - 10:55

You always have a place to stay if you’re in Columbus. Thanks for coming out for us!

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