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aotearoa|day 6

let me tell you about kebabs. kebabs are amazing. please do not confuse them with kabobs. kabobs are meat on a stick. kebabs are flatbread w/ lots of deliciousness all rolled up inside.

i have tried half the kebab places in auckland, i think (not THIS trip), and kebab stop on mt eden road is the best. well, that i’ve found. i’ve had 2 since i got here. (it’s a 30 minute walk up the hill and back down…TOTALLY WORTH IT.)

so, here is how you eat a kebab.

1. go to kebab stop (corner of mt eden road and valley road)

2. they will give you a foil wrapped kebab in a little paper sack (and a napkin). a-like so:

3. i prefer to leave it in foil (this is also the best method for eating burritos. incidentally…every guy i’ve ever eaten a burrito with whips the wrapping right off and is then left with a pile of filling and soggy tortilla for the last several bites. every girl i’ve ever eaten a burrito with leaves the wrapper on for more strategic and cleaner consumption. what do you do?) and therefore just rip the top part of the foil off and continue ripping strips off as i go.

4. eat. (this is kebab eating as modeled by reuben, the flatmate who drove the incredible exploding car.)

i’ve only seen something similar to this once or twice in america, compared to here where kebab places are as plentiful as fried chicken stands in mississippi.

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Amanda11 January 2009 - 19:33

That looks sooooo good!
We have things very similar to these at my college, but they are called “sizzlers”
The bread may be a little thicker, but you pick a sauce, meat, and then veggies and they wrap it up for you and they are amaaaazing!!

f15 April 2012 - 07:05

Kebab Stop in Mt Eden is the BEST in Auckland by far!! – I have also tried many places as im a big kebab fan.
They cook them freshly in front of you – unlike other kebab places such as kebabs on queen which heat everything (inc salads) in a sandwich press 🙁
The meat is marinated overnight and u get big juicy chunks in your kebab, plus their sauces are to die for as well….my mouth is watering.

Im going to get a kebab now 🙂

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