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aotearoa|day 8

yesterday i realised i hadn’t been taking many photos, which isn’t an issue for me…i don’t mind…but i’ve had requests, so i grabbed my camera and went for a meader down the street at what we photographers liked to call “golden hour”. when the sun is getting ready to go down, and it’s bathing the entire world in soft, golden light.

all of these images were taken within a 3-5 minute walk from my front door.

(i’m sorry, i know you can’t see the whole thing w/o scrolling…i don’t normally do that, but i had 9 images, so it made a perfect grid.)

there’s a park 2 houses down from me…i think auckland city’s branding/design is pretty nice. it’s very consistent, too…yes. i know. i am a dork for noticing that and thinking it’s worth commenting on.

i took the first image on my way out…the leaves were backlit and magical looking…when i got home, i realised i’d taken a very similar shot on the way back in with the sun lighting the leaves from the other direction.
it took a lot of patience to make friends with this cat, but it finally came close enough to let me pet it. i miss kitties. i think i’m headed down the road to becoming a crazy cat lady. o noes!

when i was almost back to my house, i turned and took these two photos of the sundrenched pathway. it looks sort of serene and magical, right?

today is day 9, and, um…i’ve barely done anything. but hey, i blogged, so…that’s something, right? now i need to go buy ice cream. it’s one of my korean flatmate’s birthday, and he and his wife have been cooking for almost 2 days. they keep saying, “you don’t need to bring anything!” but they’ve made about 40 dishes. i think i’d better.

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monica9 January 2009 - 00:41

it does look serene and magical and it makes me want to be there. it’s not that winter is so cold here, or that i’m not getting lots of glorious sunlight of my own… but there? there seems nicer.

Di9 January 2009 - 11:40

… at least i think thats my web address…

… anyway! Woot, Auckland! Post more please I’m homesick and this is helping. x

Amanda11 January 2009 - 19:34

Everything there just looks so peaceful, beautiful, and amazing! You should keep posting photos so we can be more jealous and live through you…

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