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the verbs’ maternity session

i’m a lucky girl. my two closest friends have both invited me to photograph them just before the arrival of their babies. (you’ve seen becky on here many times before…) yesterday i had the privilege of going to cathedral park with carrie + lance. (i call them the verbs because both of their names are actions…)

i’m looking forward to her baby’s birth and having another honorary nephew!

to view the full gallery click here.


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Daniel Buchanan31 March 2013 - 21:29

Wow – beautiful pictures!

Cat Whatley31 March 2013 - 21:41

These might be my favorite pictures of all time.

Christy Farris31 March 2013 - 21:54

Unbelievably precious, all three of the Dicksons.

rachel + ali-5 years!

Rachel was a very influential person in my early days of photography. Without her encouragement and the opportunities she gave me, I might not have been able to pursue it as a vocation the way I have. I was privileged to attend her wedding and take some portraits for them on February 29th, 2008. (Leap Day!) This year was their fifth anniversary, and we met up to do a recreation of one of their favorite portraits from their wedding day.

The original image is on the left, taken in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Now they live in Portland, OR, which has its own Chinatown.

of course, it’s been five years, and their family has grown. It was really fun to include their little in the re-creation shot.

She also requested some portraits at home on their bed…the family hangout spot. I was happy to oblige.

(as per usual…outtakes are some of my favorite. Check out those expressions up there!)

Thanks for playing, guys!
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j family

i think it was 2 years ago that i met kayla and her mom. kayla was heading into her senior year and needed some senior pictures taken. her mom told me during that session that she’d been wanting to have family pictures done, and we promised to stay in touch about it.

fast-forward two years and the stars and schedules aligned. we met up at their (fabulous) home in north hampton and captured them before kayla headed back to college and before fall arrived.

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jordan + michelle: engaged

so…i’ve got some pretty fun stories about how clients have found me. it always interests me to hear that part of the process. jordan + michelle’s story, though…is one of the better ones. i recently moved into a new apartment, and while i was sitting in the landlady’s living room having my interview, she asked what i do. i told her, and she said her niece was engaged and asked me to write down my website. i did…but didn’t think much of it, because, i mean…her niece was living all the way across the country and getting married in only a few months. i figured she probably already had someone.

but she didn’t. so we talked on the phone…and then talked some more. exchanged some emails…and finally this past sunday, we met face to face! i had a fantastic time hanging out with them. jordan’s gonna be a great grandpa. he’s already got an impressive repertoire of wretched punny jokes.

we were also blessed with some really dramatic skies. i LOVE a dark, angry cloud bank with surprising bright, diffuse light in front of it. i think it makes for some really stunning images.

and this is the face that michelle makes after jordan makes THAT face:

these two have a lot of fun together…
and it’s impossible to be around them and not have a lot of fun, too. i’m really looking forward to their wedding in the finger lakes in a scant two weeks!

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Rafael Smith7 October 2012 - 09:18

Just Precious!!!