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retroblogging: alanna + bobby: wedding

now that i’ve published the spoiler alerts…here’s the prequel! alanna + bobby and all their closest friends and family congregated in key west for a beautiful ocean-front ceremony. the day was relaxed and delightful…and culminated in some seriously delicious food. i was so honored to be asked to join them and capture their celebration!

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alanna + bobby (featuring new additions lucy + gus!)

remember alanna + bobby? well, it’s been almost two years since their wedding in key west (ummm, yeah, i think i probably need to post pictures from that. WORLD’S WORST BLOGGER right here.) well, they’ve had a WHOLE bunch of changes…so we revisited the site of their engagement session…and this time, we had their new bubba lucy (whom bobby calls lucifer when she’s in a mood) and pup gus. it’s was pretty fun to go to the same place we’d gone for our first session.

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pat + gabrielle | engaged





















this post goes out to amanda. because if amanda hadn’t hired me…i never would have met sarahdani, or jennilee (and ryan + stephanie wouldn’t have found me either). and if i hadn’t met sarah, i wouldn’t have met sarah + seanjill + greg, or today’s stars…pat + gab.

i drove to CT this past saturday to hang out with them and gab’s family at pretty much the best family plot ever. in fact, direct quote of me to pat, “can we become best friends so i can be invited back here?” it was one of the best places i’ve ever been, and they were some of the most welcoming people i’ve ever met. and all that was the cherry on top of the sundae that was photographing the incredibly photogenic pat + gab. can’t wait for september, guys!

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Gabrielle24 May 2012 - 16:22

Thanks so much Gwyn! We all had a blast with you : )

rebecca + austin | engaged

O HAI! i’m pretty much THEWORSTBLOGGEREVER™. this session? it happened last summer. in…august…i think? and these two humans are just incredibly lovely, so it’s not that i didn’t want to show you their faces, i just haven’t done it. but i’m making that right tonight, internet. meet rebecca + austin + finnula (?)…and their GORGEOUS camp in maine.

(and for anyone who has ever been outside with me ever–i only got like 400 mosquito bites! and i DIDN’T get poison ivy! MIRACLE!)

but let’s get on to what you came here for…the pictures of pretty people!

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Rebecca22 May 2012 - 09:17

Thanks for posting Gwyn! One of these days I will get around to choosing my selects for our album:)