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time for true confessions with gwyn: the main reason i get behind w/ blogging is the time it takes to pick my favourites to post here. marion and scott asked for some images to use on their wedding site…so i figured i’d go with their favourites. 😀

another true confession: this is way out of order. this late at night i’m employing the “shotgun” method of completing to-do list items. order and methodology are suspended after midnight.

without further ado…

when i saw marion drive down the road to park, i did a little happy dance in my head. she is BEAUTIFUL…and y’know, scott’s no slouch in the “awesome-bone-structure” department, either. these two have been together for 10 years, and they’re getting married in an apple orchard in september. (seriously…i have AWESOME clients.)

this was my first session with a pet along…she was an amazingly well behaved dog. i love the emotion in this photo.

yeah…a red, british phone both…in the middle of downtown manchester, nh. again with the mental happy dancing.

they were champeeeen jumpers. however, despite the awesome red door, their incredible jumping skills and overall hotness, my favourite thing in this one is how the dog is just kinda…chillin’.

seriously. hott. maybe even hottt.

tell me this doesn’t look like a clothing ad. “buy our jeans! if you wear them, you will look hot like us!”

i’m kind of obsessed with silhouettes, and i try to do one at each session i shoot.

hey guys…i had tons of fun, and marion…i cannot express how glad i was that you knew about that red phone box. see you next month, and i’ll keep brainstorming how to use those apples for some awesome photos! (ps…general readership, if you have any ideas of what to do with an entire orchard full of apples that is not adam and eve, redux, please leave a comment!)

see the rest of the session here.

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andrea8 August 2007 - 12:21

holy crap miss g, you rocked this session! LOVE the jumping shot. awesome.

Anonymous8 August 2007 - 17:20

Gwen, Scott and I had a great time… my mouth is still a little sore 😉

The pictures are absolutely fab! You truly captured how Scott and I feel about each other.

See you on the BIG DAY!

Cheers – M&S

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