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paper and ink

in this day of PDAs and iphones and…sync-ing calendars and laptops, oh my!–i am a misfit.

i do not have a PDA.

i only use my phone’s calendar to check how many days i have left in the monthly billing cycle and figure out how many minutes per day i have for the rest of the month.

i still use a planner. i have had the same brand for, like, 5 years now. i love it. it’s one of the cheapest ones walmart carries. roughly 5×7, with a section for each day and a month-view page at the beginning of each new month. it’s perfect.

getting a new planner is one of my favourite things. i make an evening of sitting down and transferring all the important information i had in the last one. things like cookie recipes and j.d. salinger quotes in the notes section, my list of “camera equipment to purchase”, birthdays, etc.

part of the reason i love this is because i am extraordinarily vain about my handwriting. it is awesome. haha… it is, though. i get compliments on it all the time, and i don’t feel too bad about graciously accepting them, because i have CRAFTED my handwriting. (doesn’t that sound weird? but it’s true. i’ve worked really hard on figuring out my favourite way to make each letter. and doing it over and over so it comes off my pen naturally.)

i got a new planner tonight. yes. in august. they had an 18 month one, which is great, because there are saturdays in 2008 which are already spoken for. if you’d like to speak for one and earn a few lines in gwyn’s planner, shoot me an email. let’s chat. 😀

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