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Jean & Jack

Remember Jean & Jack…the couple whom b&w loved? Their wedding on the Cape in June was the exact opposite. I couldn’t bring myself to do much b&w because the colors were soooo delicious.

I think beach grass is very romantic.

as soon as I saw this little wooden dock, I knew I needed to do some photos on it. Jean was such a great sport. It was a little wobbly/floaty feeling, and she was nervous. I’m pretty sure she’s glad she toughed it out for a few minutes. 😀

walking with the granddaughters.

one of the things that brought these two together was a mutual love of fishing. so…immediately after they were pronounced husband and wife, they went out on the jetty for their first cast as a married couple. I’ll say it again: I LOVE it when couples incorporate unique and personal things into their wedding day.

Jean’s super-fun son and his adorable date…check out those shoes!

I love the current trend for ‘beachy’ wedding cakes. the best is that loose brown sugar looks just like wet sand…so they sprinkle it around the bottom of the cake. delightful!

one last sunset kiss.

moi, with the happy couple…

also…they’re back from their honeymoon, and sent me a few photos…I very matter-of-factly shared my hatred toward them. I think you’ll feel the same way when you see these photos:

(my favorite part of this is the men canoeing. in New Zealand, a corner of the Polynesian triangle, the ocean-going canoes are called ‘waka’. I’m going to ask wikipedia what they’re called in Tahiti. brb. ummm, I think it’s the same, but the wikipedia article was kind of useless. I learned other Tahitian trivia, though. Some of which I already knew; the in-flight magazines of Air Tahiti Nui are quite good.) Also, please note this was taken from their ROOM.

yeah, this is the “pool” at their resort. I thought hotel pools were supposed to be roughly 20 feet long, kidney shaped, and full of children w/ inflatable yellow floaties on their arms?

the boat they cruised on, the M/S Paul Gauguin just off of Moorea

overwater bungalows in Taha’a

Jean & Jack…I find the two of you delightful, and your kids are grand fun. I thoroughly enjoyed your wedding day…even if I do hate you desperately now given the photos of your honeymoon you sent. 😀 I hope our paths cross again!

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