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eric & marguerite’s cinematic movie adventure engagment session|dover, nh wedding photographer

so, eric & marguerite are my pseudo family…they were my landlords/housemates for more than 2 years…our kitties were brothers…yeah, i was auntie gwyn and they were uncle eric & marguerite (well, before my poor mao was killed.)  anyway, when they got engaged, i told them i wanted my gift to them to be an engagement session.

eric took a bit of convincing.  like many men, he wasn’t into the idea of being followed around w/ a camera for a few hours.

but…i had an advantage!  i have SEEN eric’s dvd shelf.  i know what’s on his DVR…i mentioned some ideas i’d seen…and wham.  he was in.  the session was inspired by indiana jones.  ahh-nold movies.  the hunt for red october.  jurassic park.  bruce lee.  oh, and godzilla.  this was one of the most fun sessions i’ve ever shot, so if you’re a creative couple with a unique idea for a session, by all means!  speak up!

we started off at the rope swing in our front yard.  (it was HARD to position them to get the right light but not have the house in the background!  indy wasn’t swinging from rope trees w/ 60s ranch houses in the background, now was he?!)

sweet little mao was outside…and of course he wanted to be a part of whatever we were doing.

at least he thought he did.

i love, love, love that THIS is what they used for their save the dates…they made it look like a little movie poster.


the dinosaurs came.

eric tried to be brave and protect his woman, but…

sometimes you’ve just gotta get outta dodge before the t-rexes devour you.

but then the ship captain of…uh, the s.s. gdjggfajo…came to save the day! he laughs in the face of danger!

and all was well for our happy couple.

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scotty23 April 2009 - 13:45

whoa, rad, nice, awesome

Corey23 April 2009 - 13:46

Holy cow!!! Seriously my favorite e-session EVER!!!! I think my favorite is of the gun at the cat. That so needs to be a cat macro. GREAT work!

Becky Miller23 April 2009 - 13:48

I lurves the running away from the dinos.

Mark Elkins23 April 2009 - 13:50

Seriously?…seriously? Sooooo fun. Love it, Gwyn.

Kristi23 April 2009 - 18:47

a creative genius to have come up with this, Gwyn!! Love them…just love them!

Lara24 April 2009 - 21:32

Best. Shoot. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Lateulade24 April 2009 - 23:10

Oh man…this is so great!

monique25 April 2009 - 01:31

Those are AWESOME!!! You really rock!

Christine25 April 2009 - 02:37

Oh goodness, how I love them ALL!!! I think my favorite is running away from the dinosaurs too. Brilliant!

ashley o'dell26 April 2009 - 13:40

love, love, love it!

Brandon Gresham27 April 2009 - 15:00

I see he shares my love for cats! I can’t tell you how funny the dinosaur shot is. Hilarious!

jess28 April 2009 - 00:41

um raddest session EVER?!?!

Amanda1 May 2009 - 09:54

those are so fun. . . Excellent work!

JennieDee1 May 2009 - 11:44

My FAV engagement session yet! Thats a fun couple, I cant wait to see their wedding photos!

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