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my crazy season has already scheduled…it kicked off with a trip down to the baltimore area to ATTEND a wedding…that’s right…i didn’t even bring my camera.  (well, i brought it to md, but left it in the hotel room.)  i spent my day wishing i had worn less cute but more comfortable shoes and dancing with my favourite 5 month old and 2.5 year old.

(incidentally, i’m sure this is too much information for the internet, but i do not recommend dancing with a 5 month old, still breastfeeding, infant if the top of your dress is elastic.)

last weekend i was in boston photographing the rescue for invisible children.  it was incredible how many people came out!  the massachussetts senators were unable to be there, but a representative from senator kerry’s office read a statement signed by senator kerry, senator kennedy, and congressman mcgovern.  fox news was there to cover the event, and after the sox spanked the yankees (BOOYAH!), justin masterson (who…bit of trivia…graduated from the same college i did!  he started the year after i graduated.) showed up to lend his support for the cause as well.

this is charles. he was a former child soldier in joseph kony’s LRA. he’s why everyone’s involved. he’s a face to put to the atrocities. i was really bummed that i didn’t get to hear him speak, but it was time to head back to nh.

this weekend i’m going to NYC to photograph an engagement session…stay tuned!

i’ll get back from NYC on sunday, and thursday i turn around and head to the caymans for the fabulous raegan & joe’s caribbean destination wedding! tammy is coming with me, and we are going to make images that will BLOW YOUR MINDS. i promise.

return from caymans on monday, may 11…head down to providence for meg & dave’s fantabulous affair on friday.

then, my friends…an ENTIRE WEEK at home! but it won’t last. i’ll be in CT from 29 may-1 jun…shooting charles & mary’s nuptials and then 2nd shooting for fantastic ct photog christa bosco of dolce photography.

then…home again…for 10 whole days! before i head to NC/SC to visit friends at ft bragg and 2nd shoot with tomme hilton in charleston. (let me know if you’re in that area and interested in a photo session!)

i’ll be home about 2 days from NC before it’s time to head down to RI again for a wedding on block island. (stay tuned for brittney & david’s engagement session). the extremely talented (and recently featured on blu domain) tracy lynn of three heart photo is coming to shoot with me for that wedding.

so.  i’m going to be all over the place, is basically what i’m saying.  lots of exciting things in store.  i’ll still be accessible, so call/email/text/twitter/fb me if you need anything!  and if you want to connect, let’s make it happen!

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