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so, I need some help! My to-do list is so unbelievably long…and that includes SIX weddings I need to post here. My goal is to post one wedding per day for the rest of the week…if I don’t do it, harass me! gwynethcolleenphotography [at] yahoo [dot] com.

I had an amazing time in Indiana, and the 7.7.07 photos are…well, they’re a treat. Definitely worth the wait. I’ve done a LOT of traveling; I love to travel. I started when I was still in high school, and my first few overseas trips I packed in my dad’s seabag that he used to take on submarine trips. They’re like giant green canvas tubes that are sewn up at one end…not really strategic for compartmentalizing things for easy access. After a couple years of that, I switched to a regular duffel bag. The year I lived in New Zealand, I figured I was technically “backpacking”, so I bought a nice internal frame pack. At least it had pockets. I never once used a rolling suitcase…figured since I was doing the travel-on-a-budget, explore the unseen corners of the world type of travel, I should sort of “rough it” a bit.

I’m over that.

If rolling suitcases=air conditioned rooms with fluffy pillows and fruity mixed drinks out on the terrace…I’m soooo ready to be that kind of traveler. With an occasional side trip to the open air markets for street food. Being a photographer means that I cannot go anywhere without at least 5 bags hanging off of my two shoulders. People regularly ask me, “can I help you with that?” I always laugh, wave them off and say, “I do this every weekend!” And I do, but my shoulders/neck/back are starting to gently suggest, “you know, it wouldn’t kill you to let them take the laptop.”

All that to say–I may be looking for my first rolling suitcase this week. Once I can stand up straight again. And stay tuned for updates. I’ve got a lot of them up my sleeve.

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