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claire & bobby–part 1

first off, confession: this is my 2nd “claire” bride of the year…and they both have fellas whose names start w/ b. more than once i have typed “claire & ben”, when i really meant “claire & bobby”…and i don’t confuse them…ben has the pheremone-head that claire loves to sniff, and bobby is a giantman comic. v. different, no?

anyway, last saturday a couple weeks ago, i met claire & bobby at his family’s summer place on lake winnepesauke. great idea, in theory…the area is BEAUTIFUL…however, that area…in early may…what were we thinking? there were, well…you’ll see.

see those bugs?

and these bugs?

yeah…they were EVERYWHERE. i’m not proud of it, but i did squeal on occasion…and there was lots of uncontrollable windmill-hands going on.

once we got down near the water, the bug population dispersed a bit…and these two cracked me up…they were willing to be silly and did all the “mood lightening” poses i suggested.  (poses that usually don’t see the light of a proofing gallery, much less a blog post…)

um, yeah.  nh…lake winnepesauke…it’s slightly attractive.

so, these two…the way they work is…first, they’re all smooshy and lovey-dovey and and all “that’s why i fell in love with you.”

and then…

bobby has to go and bite her nose.

until they wind up here:

i’ve got a whole ‘nother series like this…only…that time…SHE started it.  😀

stay tuned for the not-silly photos!

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