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so, i just read this article from PDN magazine…they asked 3 brides to review 4 or 5 wedding photographer’s websites and then published their comments (and gave the wedding photographer a chance to respond.) i found it very illuminating…and it made me feel pretty good about my own site!

but…just in case…i thought i’d ask for some feedback. anyone care to share your experiences in navigating my website? the questions PDN asked for each site were:

+immediate first impressions once you were on the homepage
+what are your thoughts on the quality of the photography and how it is being presented?
+did you want to see more or less photos?
+could you make an informed decision about the quality of photography from what you saw on the site?
+what did you think of the photographer’s blog? did it hold your attention?
+does the personality of the wedding photographer emerge from the blog (i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say i don’t need to worry ’bout this one.)
+was it clear from the site what kind of services the photographer is offering and what the pricing is like?
+were there any extra features in the site that really appealed to you?
+was this site easy to use and navigate?
+in what ways could the photographer improve the site?
+if money was no object would you hire this photographer based on what you’ve seen?
+anything else?

so…i’d love to hear opinions if anyone’s got ’em. no need to even tell me your name! you can leave a comment anonymously (i prefer cartoon name pseudonyms.), or use the contact form on my website to email me w/o telling me who you are.

also, and here’s a shameless request for praise…if you’ve worked with me (and enjoyed it–well, if you didn’t i guess it would be good to know that, too) pretty please go give me a review on wedding wire or on my facebook page? pretty please?

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