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dan + mel-10 years!|dover, nh photographer

my friends dan + mel came to visit from CO this past weekend…i insisted on getting them in front of my camera.  we walked around dover and took pictures that (i think) totally capture how funny and adorable these two are.  they’re best, best friends, and they’re the best kind of couple…being around them as a single person doesn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable…just a teensy bit sad, because they’re what everyone wants when they say they want to fall in love.  they’re warm and welcoming…but you know you’ll never be inside that circle.  anyway, enough of that.  on to the cuteness, and happy 10 year anniversary, you two!  (sorry in advance that there are so many images…i just loved loved loved this session.)

how cute is she?!  (answer:  so cute.)

dan is an aspiring filmmaker trapped in a soul-sucking 9-5…so dover’s own strand theatre seemed like a fitting backdrop for these two…especially with their ensembles…

i told them to be moviestars posing for the papparazzi before the premiere of their new film…dan promises me he’s going to photoshop the name of his movie into the marquee above them…

if you looked at their facebooks, you’d see them with jumping pictures…everywhere.  they travel a lot…and mel’s working on a jumping with dan & mel around the world (or something like that.  her title is better.)  so i HAD to get at least one jumping shot.

i didn’t really tell them what to do here…but i love it…

(yes, i know.  i am the luckiest girl ever to live in new england, in such a charming, magical town.)

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mum19 October 2010 - 19:04

And whose fascinator and beads MIGHT she be wearing? Hmmm?

gwyn19 October 2010 - 19:05

i’m sure i have no idea what you’re talking about, mum!

teaser|maine wedding photographer

i still just really like this dress picture.  so i thought i’d share.  (and yes, i did also change my watermark up a bit.  i like that, too.)

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Corey Ann30 September 2010 - 15:44


Danielle30 September 2010 - 15:50

Who doesn’t love a floating dress!

ken kienow30 September 2010 - 15:55

huh?? wha?? hooooow?????

nevertheless, awesome.

Evita30 September 2010 - 16:16

Ooooohhhh preeetttyyy. And a bit eerie…all at the same time.

Nichole30 September 2010 - 20:19

This and you are amazing.

retroblogging-beth + josh: married|camden, maine wedding photographer

another installment in my “i will get caught up on blogging.  i WILL.” initiative.  beth + josh, whose engagement session in NYC last year can be viewed here, had a truly beeeeeyooootiful day at the ducktrap retreat in lincolnville, maine.  i believe the ducktrap has recently changed hands and is once again available for weddings?  if you’re looking for somewhere in the camden area, it’s highly recommended.  the grounds are truly beautiful.

beth has a totally great story about this dress…it’s a vera wang (right, beth?) which she preselected before seeing it or trying it on.  she found a listing on craigslist and went, by herself, after dark, to chinatown to purchase it.  totally worth the trip.  it was gorgeous.

beth got ready at the ADORABLE inn at camden place.  i don’t think i’ve ever ever ever seen an inn that was so lovely and simultaneously homey and inviting.  walking through the halls, it really felt like i was walking through a home…with the modern amenities and privacy you look for in a hotel.

this photo of beth’s ring also has significance.  beth is a self-professed candy-a-holic, and as it was her birthday two days before her wedding, i bought her some gummy bears to help mark the occasion.  and, of course, had to use a couple to showcase her beautiful ring.

and while i was shooting the ladies, the ever talented tomme hilton, who flew up from SC to help me capture this wedding, was photographing the handsome groom and his men.

their flowergirl was RIDICULOUSLY cute.

after the ceremony we took a little drive up the road to this abandoned barn i’d noticed on the way in.  the colors and the wildflowers growing in front perfectly matched the feel of beth’s aesthetic and details…gorgeous and effortless.

and what would a wedding in maine be without a picture by the sea?

i loved how they brought both of their cultural traditions in to their celebration…from the lebanese cookies as a favor, to circling up to do the hora later on in the evening.

but i’m getting a little ahead of myself…ahead of their beautiful first dance.

back to the hora…josh dancing with his sister.

beth + josh, thanks so much for inviting us to celebrate your decision to join your lives together…i’m so glad i met you both…and beth…i’ll see YOU for lunch on monday.  😀
(and another thank you to tomme for doing such brilliant work and having lots of fun with me while doing it!)

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Becca Dilley23 September 2010 - 22:18

I love your ceremony photos – they are often (surprisingly!) a forgotten part of the images, and these are wonderful

Jen25 September 2010 - 05:32

He’s very James Spader-ish, isn’t he :)

Stunning bride, beautiful love… exquisite shots. You’ve done amazingly well AGAIN, my friend. :)

seth + jessica: engaged|amesbury, ma wedding photographer

this past sunday i met up with seth and jessica for their engagement session…we started off at salisbury beach and then headed over to cider hill farm in amesbury, ma. i hadn’t shot either place before, but they’re both fantastic locations for photos!

jessica insists she’s not photogenic, but…ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i will present sufficient evidence that you will see that claim is patently absurd.

aren’t they so cute?

there are so many apple images…well, yes…because we were in an orchard…but they also requested that we get a variety of images featuring apples so that they could be used for table numbers.  i know it’s a little dorky…but we had an isaac newton inspired moment.  😀

seth & jessica, i had SO much fun hanging out with you two…it’s obvious how much you love each other and and how much fun you have together…i’m looking forward to your wedding in LESS THAN A MONTH!

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Matt Keo21 September 2010 - 12:48

This absolutely tooooo cute!