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retroblogging: mark and debra

did you know there are about 72 bazillion starbucks in boston? i did. wanna know how? i walked almost a mile out of my way to go to the one that i *thought* was closest to south station…turns out it was closed. oh well.

when i finally found mark and debra, we had a great time talking about how they met and their wedding plans. (oh, just you wait…) then we went to the fort point area of south boston…where they met and worked and let their love blossom.

(this one is my favourite: did you see “the departed”? mark worked in the building that martin sheen fell off of in the end. i thought that was super cool, so…even though it was a construction area, i had them stand so i could see the top of the building, and i laid in all the construction detritus so i could capture that angle. which…now that i am typing it…sounds kind of obsessive and morbid, doesn’t it? it wasn’t really, i promise! anyway…i was wearing a white and black polka dotted shirt, and now…at least 6 months and many washings later, i think it is STILL dirt-stained. i am committed, my friends. or…maybe i should be committed?)

their wedding was a few short weeks later, so i saw them again on a beautiful summer morning in cape cod. they were getting married in debra’s parents’ back yard. this place had a lot of significance to her, because their family pretty much built the place. her mother is an avid gardener, and her flowers adorned the tables, debra’s hair, and comprised the bridal bouquet.

the entire affair was full of colour and love and family. this huppa was made for them by mark’s sister, i believe. a very close friend officiated. the only attendees were family and the very closest of friends.

they were both walked to the huppa by both sets of parents. this is something i am seeing more and more often…i think it’s beautiful to acknowledge both parents. “you both raised me and brought me to this point, and now you take me to the one with whom i will walk the rest of my days.” well, that’s how i see it anyway. and i love it.

gotta love that look of anticipation.

and this…hoo boy. i LOVE this. instead of having a first dance, they had a first “hula hoop”. they go to a lot of music festivals, and it’s just something they do. everyone hula hoops. so, mark and debra brought along their entire stash of hula hoops, put a song on the ipod/bose dock, and everyone hooped it up. it was tremendous.

under mom’s grape arbor. delicious light, no?

under the huppa…that blue sky is deeeelish.

and, um, yeah…i had them jumping through hoops. literally. WHAT?! c’mon! what would YOU do with a yard full of beautiful children whom they love and several giant hula hoops? that’s what i THOUGHT.

one of my favourite images from the day. beautiful mom’s garden flowers, and spunky green bridal shoes. love it.

one of debra’s dearest friends and her man share a moment while everyone looks at the photo album mark’s parents gave them.

this moment between debra and her sister is one of my very favourite photographs ever.

debra’s parents, and the newlyweds.

i really loved being part of their celebration. it was just a family gathering…complete with cut up fruit and pb&j for all the kids!

it was beautiful, lovely, relaxed and full of joy, just like these two. mark and debra…thank you for letting me be part of your special day!

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jess16 February 2008 - 10:57

really nice, G! esp the wedding shots!

laura kay photography29 February 2008 - 23:58

that was so sweet! i love the shoes and the colors are so fun! wow! i love it!


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