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crazy times (or crazy girl?) (or are they linked?)

so…this past friday (not today, obviously) i left my house and headed to lambertville, nj, and its charming hippy sister-town across the delaware…new hope, pa.

matt and jody got married on saturday…(that evening i walked across the bridge to pennsylvania.  i have a huge weak spot for towns where you can walk across a bridge and be in another state.  it’s why i love portsmouth so dearly.  down in the south end, you just walk across the rt 1 bridge, and BAM.  maine.  my hobby:  sending text messages, “i think i’ll walk to maine now.”  (ok, fine.  i only did it once.  but i LIKED it.))

anyway.  that was my last wedding of the year.  from there i hit the road and drove to rochester, ny to hang out with my awesome photographer friend tammy.  we had some fun, did some shooting (stay tuned!) and then it was time to make my thanksgiving pilgrimage home to my parents’ house in a tiny town in upstate ny no one’s ever heard of.  except that one time i told someone he’d never heard of it, and he made me tell him the town, and he’d actually LIVED here for a while.  THAT was weird.  i usually just say i’m about 10 minutes from saratoga springs.  people have HEARD of saratoga springs…it’s cool and hip and has a selection of gambling opportunities.  (i worked as a mutuel clerk (bet taker) one summer in college.  i can totally rattle off bets like a pro.  wouldn’t WIN, but i SOUND impressive.  “yeah, i’ll take a $2 exacta box, key the 4 with the 2, 9.” (this one would actually cost $4) “i’d like $14 across the board on the 7 horse.” (this bet would actually cost $42)  “$1 straight trifecta, 13-2-5.” ($1)  see?  you’re impressed aren’t you.  i think i might even remember what that lingo means.)

(do you think this post wins the prize for most parenthetical expressions and random bunny trails yet?  hang in there…i’m not finished.)

anyway.  i’m at my parents’ house, and perhaps it is sleeping in the twin bed i distinctly remember picking out when i was oh, about SEVEN…perhaps i am compensating…i AM a grown-up, i AM!…but i am obsessing over furniture.  and apartments.

{my next few months look like this:  3.5 more weeks back in nh…tying up my 101 loose ends.  moving all my earthly possessions except what fits in my giant red polka-dotted birthday-present suitcase so i can take it down under with me.  driving me and my non-all-weather-friendly-possessions (like my mac pro and canon L lenses–yeah, that’s name dropping for photographers.  like a normal girl would talk about jimmy choo’s or something like that)  including my cat, mao, to my parents’ house.  then about a week later, i will board a plane bound for auckland, nz, via LAX and nadi, fiji.  (i’m totally missing new year’s eve this year.  i board the plate around 10pm 30 dec in LAX…i get a few hours of 12/31, and then BAM…it’s 1 jan 09.  that int’l date line’s a bitch.  however, to console myself, i will land and proceed immediately to the beach and laugh in winter’s face.)  i’ll be in new zealand until 1 mar, 2 day stopover in fiji where i will be staying here (private room for $36/night, baby.)

then on to LA for a few days…i’ve got a friend there working his way to stardom as a stand-up comic/actor who wants to get some new photos done.  oh…and of course, from about a bajillion miles away i will be looking for a new place to live.  i’m sure there will be lots of transpacific phone calls, “hey friend, can you go look at such and such apartment for me and tell me if it’s awesome or if it totally sucks?  i’ll buy you a burrito when i get home!”  exciting, right?}
SO, even though i know i don’t need a place until early march, i am still obsessively checking listings NOW.  i know.  it’s not pointless at ALL!  in addition to hunting for a place to live at a time when it is totally unrealistic to do so and should i find a place i love would be powerless to hold it until such time as i could occupy it…i am also obsessing over furnishing it.  no really…obsessing.  i have a list sitting right next to my computer.  i have been living with borrowed/donated/reclaimed/craigslist furniture for the last several years of my life, and finally…FINALLY i might be able to buy some.  some stuff that…matches!  who cares if it’s ikea…(also, this might shock some of you…i hope you’re sitting down, but…i’ve…i’ve never been to ikea.  yes.  it’s true.)  anyway…i want this dresser,

and this bed,

and i’m debating over this table/chair set

or this one.

i really love the black finish, but i like the bar height…
i can’t wait to get my delightful dishes

out of storage and have my own kitchen again!


so…i decided that in the holiday spirit, i should offer a (consolation) prize to the first person who leaves a comment and says, “i read this entire post…and not only did i read it…i UNDERSTOOD it…and your crack-head train-of-thought-derailments didn’t lose me!”  my friend doug suggested i offer a date-with-gwyn as the prize.  i laughed and agreed that it was brilliant.  it wasn’t a conflict of interest with my target demographic AT ALL!  so, my original idea was to offer a free 8×10 print (comment must be left by sunday morning, 0900) of your session or a credit for a free 8×10 if you’re on my list to be photographed…or if you decide a print is worthy impetus for scheduling a session…but, hey…if you prefer doug’s suggestion…well, i’m not paying.  the pleasure of my company should be prize enough.  😀

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Corey29 November 2008 - 00:01

I read this entire post… and not only did I READ it… I understood it!! and your crackhead train of thought derailments didn’t loose me!


Corey29 November 2008 - 00:02

Oh and I guess I don’t qualify since I didn’t read until the bottom and I’m not a client so comment away awesome clients of Gwyn’s!

And I’m seriously jealous of your room in AZ!

tracylynnt29 November 2008 - 00:04

“i read this entire post…and not only did i read it…i UNDERSTOOD it…and your crack-head train-of-thought-derailments didn’t lose me!”

janelle29 November 2008 - 06:35

i read the whole things and did absoslutely enoy it! i am insanely jealous of your travels over the new year! i’m sure its going to awesome! so enjoy =) will be looking forward to many more random postings by gwyn!

jenn29 November 2008 - 08:33

Have fun in NZ! 🙂

Tammh (tammy)29 November 2008 - 10:02

I read the entire post and thought: wow. she’s weird. ::laughing:: Just kidding girlfriend — the next few months are going to be EXCITING!!

Tammy29 November 2008 - 10:03

and I have two bandaids on my typing fingers which explains why I am Tammh and not Tammy. 🙂

meg29 November 2008 - 11:34

and when you come back, you could move to providence! i’m just saying. it would not suck.

e shea29 November 2008 - 17:48

Hey gwyn! We are on the NJ turnpike and I just remembered about posting to your blog. Thanks again for a fun photo hour – we’ll work on our poses and public displays of affection over the coming months. 🙂

Amy29 November 2008 - 18:45

Hahahaha. I know what you mean… I think. You are hilarious and I GET it.
Enjoy dreaming about apartments but also have a good time in NZ! Wicked Jealous.

Amy29 November 2008 - 18:46

Also, my first trip to Ikea was in Melbourne, AUS. Soooo, yea. It was a bigger thing for the people who brought me there…”are you serious! You’ve never been?…”

E Shea's mom3 December 2008 - 20:39

I loved your blog! So entertaining and funny, can’t wait to meet you in person at Erin and Tom’s wedding. You crack me up! You’re a very talented photographer too. Enjoy your time out of this wintery weather, see you August 2009.

erynne11 December 2008 - 22:27

dude! that was out dresser! if only i’d known, i would have shipped it for you instead of giving it away. 🙁

my recommendation on the tables would be to see them in person and sit at them. ours is from ikea and we liked it so much, it was the only real piece of furniture we shipped. we’re now back to living with borrowed/craigslist stuff 🙂
that is all.

gwyn11 December 2008 - 22:31

oh, it’s ok, don’t worry! was it decent quality? that colour is all wood, or so the site says, so i’m hoping it’s pretty nice.

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