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happy independence day!

these patriotic holidays always get me…i was a military brat, and i will maintain till i’m old and crotchety that it is NOT just the service members who wear the uniforms who serve their countries…there were long stretches as a child where all i knew was that daddy was in a giant tin can under the sea. thanks to “blind man’s bluff” i now know he was pretty much a SPY, which, while kind of awesome, still meant we had zero contact with him for months on end.

i was in north carolina a few weeks back visiting some friends on fort bragg (with a side trip down to south carolina to shoot a wedding with tomme hilton). my friends are finally reunited, but they were apart for nearly nine months…

serving this country isn’t really something the faint of heart sign on for…but i’m grateful to all of the men and women who take up that mantle (and for the families who stand behind them and support them through it all.)

here’s a sneak peak from my session with my friends on fort bragg…i told them to pretend they were reuniting after being apart for a long time…i love that little 3 year old c is trailing behind in all of them.

(check out how strong he is! he’s holding her with 1 arm! i mean, sure, she IS a toothpick of a woman, but still! big tough soldier-man, he is!)

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Ellie14 July 2009 - 10:45

I know I commented on one of these on flickr, but I adore this set. So Beautiful!

Kirsten14 July 2009 - 11:25

Thank you so much for this post Gwyneth. My brother is in the Air Force and I constantly wish more people appreciated the service he and others like him provide every day and the sacrifices their wives and families make. My sister in law I know has a really hard time w/ the separation. But I am grateful that my brother chooses to serve.

Tania Sones14 July 2009 - 22:43

Hi! I found your site from Christa’s (in CT). I just wanted to let you know this post (especially the photo story) brought tears to my eyes. These soldiers and their families truly make so many sacrifices to ensure we live in a free country and that we are protected. I wanted to thank him and all of the men and women who are fighting for us- every single day. It’s because of what they are doing for us that I am able to put my young boys to bed at night, safe and sound.

OK. Now I am crying. This really is such a beautiful post.

Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

gwyn16 July 2009 - 21:46

tania…you think THIS one’s bad…look in the oplove category posts…oh man…they’ll leave you in a puddle!

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