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love love!

so, my friend gail does this…and i am BLATANTLY ripping her off (bc, y’know, no other blogger writes about what they like. 😀 but i’m using her term. i hope she doesn’t hate me for it.) anyway, i was walking around thinking affectionate thoughts about a variety of things, sooo…i thought i’d share.

1. the 2011 bataleon violenza…those of you who know me even a little will probably be scratching your head going…what? WHY does she like it? (pretend that was in sarcasm font.) i. love. polka-dots. i found it, and then i obsessively searched the internet for every word written about it…and then when i went to colorado last week (oh yeah, i went to colorado last week!) i got a chance to ride it. and while, let’s face it, i still kind of suck and therefore trying out particular boards is kind of pointless, i didn’t hate it! and i found it on sale! so i ordered it! and it should be here soon! and then i can zoom down snow-covered mountains on it! (i also got a crackin’ good deal on boots/bindings/helmet/goggles)

2. the KRAKEN black spiced rum…ok, a) THERE’S A GIANT CELPHALOPOD EATING A SHIP ON THE BOTTLE! b) after you pour a drink, you can yell, “UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!” it’s pretty tasty, the bottle is cute, and it’s just full of whimsy. being a grown-up is better with whimsy.

3. UGG kensington boots…SO. CUTE. and so cozy. and thanks to my short hobbit feet…i can wear the kid’s size! triple WIN! these uggs are extra awesome because unlike normal uggs, they are not made out of suede leather…suede leather + winter in new england = FAIL. i’ve been pretty much living in these since i got them a couple weeks before christmas. (they’re my christmas present from my parents, but…being a grown-up means sometimes you order your own present, and they pay you back later. if it means i get to enjoy it a couple extra weeks…i’m all good with that!)

4. velo orange leather saddle-honey. see…snowboarding is EXPENSIVE. you’ve gotta have a lot of STUFF for it. as a result, the BEEYOOTIFUL bicycle i bought a few months ago…it’s gotta go. i’ve got a perfectly good bicycle…that i just didn’t enjoy riding so much bc of the crap seat and old handlebar grips. this saddle is going to change all that. most people think BROOKS when they think leather bicycle saddles…and with good reason. but brooks saddles are a little tougher on the wallet…so i get the same quality, beauty, and timeless style for a friendlier price. thanks velo orange! i can’t wait to put you on my bicycle and ride you all over once the snow is off the ground. a little bit of consolation for having to put that polka-dotted beauty in storage!

things i am NOT loving…and which will not be pictured here…

1. how the winter is affecting my hands. they look like a cabbage patch doll whose hands got caught in an office paper shredder. UNCOOL, WINTER. UNCOOL.

2. having to pay street parking fees to get my car out of the undersized lot so they do snow removal…drawback of living downtown with all its conveniences, i suppose!

3. living downtown with all its conveniences! namely EASY, waaaay too easy access to half a dozen delicious cuisines…when i am on OPERATION CHRISTMAS DAMAGE CONTROL DIET. (homemade chex mix SHOULD make it on this list, bc it is responsible for most of the christmas damage, but…it’s too good. i can’t not love it.)

hope you’re all staying warm and finding a way to enjoy whatever weather you’re experiencing!

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Gail2 February 2011 - 15:13

TOTALLY cool to rip me off…I just think, you know, maybe you owe me a pair of #3 on that list of yours 😉

PS – Nick and I for a while there when that movie was coming out used to yell RELEASE THE KRAKEN right along with Liam Neeson!

Rachel2 February 2011 - 17:38

“being a grown-up is better with whimsy.”

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