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hot or not…so much…

i want to prepare you now for what i will look like after i’ve been photographing your wedding for a couple of hours.  no matter how tamed/wrestled into submission/subdued i have my hair before i leave the house, approximately one nano-second after i start climbing around and shooting from different angles…my hair does…that.  hottttt, right?

*those glasses courtesy of puppet mel.  stay tuned for an explanation.

*i did not drink the champagne whilst working.  it was given to spencer (who knew what aramaic was!  AND that there was a difference between modern and classical/koine greek) to my left or maybe mel (not puppet mel) to my right.  i can’t remember.  the important thing is that i didn’t drink on the job.  (i so totally cannot hold my liquor.)

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Puppet Mel18 July 2008 - 21:07

I really like the composition of this shot. The photographer must have been not only talented, but overwhelmingly good looking and charming. Or, maybe it’s the awesome subject that makes the shot.

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