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sooo…the thing with being a wedding photographer in new england is that…your job is kind of…seasonal.

and the thing with being told by your landlords that, “hey, when your lease is up…could you maybe find somewhere else to move?  it’s not you.  it’s us.  we love you, we just want your room to, uh, put some stuff in.  like, maybe, babies or something.  i dunno,” is…as of 1 jan 09, i have no roots.  for several months.

scary?  sure.  or, maybe…less scary, and more…AWESOME.  the world is my frickin’ oyster…and the world in the southern hemisphere…yeah, it’s not so much winter down THERE!

my POINT is…my current plan is to “winter” in new zealand for jan/feb 09.

so, i will be having a special on destination wedding photography services for new zealand in january and february.  i will already be there, so this is a KICKASS deal…the travel expenses you’d have to cover would be incredibly minimised because…that trans-pacific flight can be kind of a bitch.

so, if you’re having a destination wedding in new zealand in january or february (or, ever, really…), PLEASE get in touch with me!  i will cut you an awesome deal.  also…i am the best of both worlds!  i am american, so i’ll “get” you, but i have lived in nz before, and i can do a pretty bang on kiwi accent (no really…i was my former flatmates’ party trick.  “hey guys, listen to her!  can you believe she’s AMERICAN?!”  ask me to do it sometime.), i know my way around (mostly), and i even have a nz driver’s license!

(so, just to tease you…pls note that these were taken w/ a digital p&s circa 2003…before i was even a photographer.  and if i got this kind of beauty out of a crap camera w/o really trying…imagine what we could create NOW!)

(hahei beach in the coromandel.  basically my favourite place on the planet.)

beach outside whakatane (trivia:  in maori, wh=f…so that is pronounced like fah-kah-tah-neigh)  oh, and those are my footprints.

on the way to milford sound

stormy seas on the eastern coast of the south island…on the way from kaikoura

the view from picton overlooking queen charlotte sound.  yes, the water is really that colour.  it’s unreal.

on an island in the bay of islands near paihia

have i convinced you yet?  email me today!

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Christina5 September 2008 - 09:10

Heck, I’d tag along to volunteer as a second shooter if I didn’t have this slight issue known as a day job!

Amy T Schubert5 September 2008 - 10:39

omg, sounds like a ridiculous amount of fun!!

good luck, and I can’t wait to hear about it!


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