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amy and ben are AWESOME.

we headed down to picturesque newport, rhode island on a lovely evening a couple weeks ago. i love newport. (did you know they have a yearly pirate festival? which has its own website here. also, i went to said pirate festival last year. i was hoodwinked into dressing up, too. i’m not proud of it.)

but this isn’t about pirates. this is about amy and ben and how hot and awesome they are. i could write about it for, say, a thousand words, but…isn’t there some saying about how pictures say it better?

first off…i couldn’t resist. we walked past an old school wedding/portrait studio, so i made them do an old school pose right in front of the sign.

(this is the same one i posted the other day…but b&w.)

(confession: i totally stole that daisy from in front of the newport fire station.)

(i’m not sure what it is that i love about this one…but i SO do!)

we’d been in newport all of…3 minutes…when the first person complimented amy. it was a (possibly homeless?) woman sitting on the sidewalk…she told amy she was sexy. ben–who is HILARIOUS–asked the woman, “what about me?” in a very injured/affronted manner. she assured him that he was very handsome, but i don’t think it particularly appeased him. (i think he might have also been slightly disconcerted that his fiancee was being hit on by a woman who appears to spend a lot of time on the sidewalk.)

about 20 minutes later, we were walking in a different part of town, and someone yelled out the window, “that girl in the green dress looks GOOOOOOD!”

also, several photographer friends of mine who saw one of the photos said, ‘she looks so much like drew barrymore–but prettier!’ i didn ‘t see the drew barrymore thing at first, but i will concur that she’s pretty gorgeous, and she and ben make a smokin’ hot couple.

guys–i can’t wait for your wedding at the glen manor in november!

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[…] amy & ben (of the super hot newport, ri engagement session last summer) were married last november (that’s right…november 2008. i told you…i am the world’s worst blogger.) at the glen manor house in portsmouth, ri. their incredible floral arrangements were done by the wildly talented sayles livingston. and amy makes the best sweet treats in the universe…she provided the favors/candy bar. […]

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Not so good…

Not exactly worthy of parental disparagement, but still a waste of time….

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