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meghan + leo: married

meghan + leo got married this past sunday in downtown boston.  (i know, i know…i can’t believe it either…blogging the SAME WEEK as the wedding happened?!  it’s the new prophoto blog…it makes it soooo much easier.)  meg looked STUNNING in her pronovias dress

her brooch bouquet was an etsy collaboration project.  (check back later for store information.  i’ll add it after meg tells me who its creator is!)

her clutch and gloves (and below pictured vintage fur coat–also an etsy find!) perfectly highlighted her glamorous style.

they chose to see one another for the first time in the salon at l’espalier at the mandarin oriental…where everyone would convene later for their reception dinner. the photo on the left–where meghan looks like a FREAKING MOVIE STAR–was walking through the prudential center. i saw pretty light and said, “WAIT. STOP. RIGHT THERE. GOOD.”
waiting to head into the ceremony which was held in the tiny children’s chapel at old south church.  it was perfect for the intimate, family-only ceremony meghan and leo the candle with her sister.  they lost their mother not very long ago, and her presence was sorely missed.
immediately after the ceremony

after the ceremony, we waited a little while for darkness to fall and then headed toward comm ave to create some magical images with the fairy lights in the background.
they got a chance to go in and view the magic in process and say hello to the chef….super cool! 

they don’t joke around about their fancy food…this was something like 12 courses. these were the wines selected to be served with the different courses.

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mdog19 January 2011 - 09:19

ummm, that bouquet is awesome.

Gail19 January 2011 - 09:36

LOVE her bouquet! And hey, I’ve shot there with you! 🙂

monica19 January 2011 - 17:00

lovely, lovely, lovely.

i love the shot with the twinkly trees in the background. and also the bread. i miss bread :(.

also. my cousin (meg, not meghan, but megan, interesting to me, still) had a vintage brooch bouquet, her mother made it. amazing idea, i love it.

gwyn20 January 2011 - 14:03

yes, gail, you sure did! naomi + paul are next in the queue. 😀

Meghan21 January 2011 - 11:58

Thank you SO much Gwyn!!! We love the pictures and had a blast hanging out with you. Hope to see you soon!

Julie Jeffries22 January 2011 - 18:39

Wow – I saw the pics on Meghan’s profile, but these here are just truly AMAZING. The wedding looks like it was just simply elegant – I love it! I knew that Meghan would make a beautiful bride, and these pictures just prove that theory. She looks like a movie star and the photography is absolutely stunning. Congrats to all involved to make it such a beautiful day. I can’t wait to keep seeing the pictures!!

gwyn23 January 2011 - 13:31

wow, julie! thanks so much for your kind words. meghan and leo are fantastic (and good looking) people…which makes my job easier…and super enjoyable!

Mike23 January 2011 - 17:51

These are great pictures! Excellent work. Meghan and Leo look pretty good too.

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