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1. if i were planning my own wedding currently (which, um, unconsciously i basically always am. hey…leave me alone. i am a girl, i am a j on the meyers-brigg thingy, and i GO TO WEDDINGS FOR A LIVING.), i would wind up with a dress almost exactly like the ones chris kole makes over on the cotton bride. i swoon. and…may the record reflect, i have been saying i wanted a cotton wedding dress since i was like, 2. ok, not that long, but for a really long time. but i draw the line at spending hours searching for white on white cotton polka dot fabric. i would NEVER do that. i would also never contemplate buying a j. crew celeste dress just for the fabric even though i’m nowhere near engagedville. that’s just crazy.

2. i got altared out of the library today. it is fantastic. i kind of don’t want to keep reading it, because…then i’ll finish it. kind of like a cookie…SO. GOOD. you want it to last for way longer than it realistically will. or maybe that’s just me…with the cookies.
anyway, it’s a series of anecdotal essays about various wedding related things written by women who are engaging and hilarious. you should read it.

3. this is not bridey in any way…but i am going to the south island of new zealand tomorrow for a few days. i’m bringing my camera, so…eventually, maybe in 2010 you’ll see some pictures from it.  the point is…if you want to email me, please do, but i will not be back near my computer until monday, 2/9 your time.

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