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chris & kate: engagement

a few weeks month and a half ago i went up to south portland/cape elizabeth, maine to do engagement photos with kate and chris.

i love their story…they grew up on the same street…then met randomly 15 years later in a bar. she heard someone go, “is that katie?” and turned around to say, “who is calling me katie?” and left knowing he was going to look her up. she was right.

we met at fort williams park (which is SERIOUSLY cool, and i could go hang out there and jump around on rocks and climb on old fort structures for days.) and TRESPASSED…to get inside this area. yep…just ignored the signs…i felt so rockstar and dangerous. (hey, i’m a goodie-two-shoes…it doesn’t take much.)

this is kate climbing into the abandoned structure that had “no trespassing” signs all over it. please note chris’s head below her elbow. he was the short-girls’ human stepladder.

more trespassing. woo.

chris was a ranger in the army a few years back, and he’s still very much the “running, jumping, climbing trees” sort. “follow me!” indeed. i loved watching him with kate…he thrived on being her protector and helping her navigate all the precarious positions i asked her to get into. (to be fair, her jeans were very long and she was wearing some very hott purple heels.)

she looks so america’s next top model FIERCE in this one…plus, you can see the hott purple heels.

when i saw this one, i actually gasped. out loud. i know…that’s a little embarrassing, but…c’mon…it is steamy!

i do so love a good silhouette.

then we went to explore the fort part of for williams park. there were these forgotten and colourfully graffiti-ed bunkers that i, well, i guess we all had some fun with. in different ways, of course. mine involved crawling onto a ledge 100 feet above the rocky sea, theirs was a little more conventional…(and no, i do not have photos of me in precarious positions, but hire me…and you’ll get to see for yourself. )

chris is a hoot, and he kept us laughing the whole time…kate’s a lucky girl…if you don’t have laughter, what do you have?

i love how peaceful and content and in love they look in this one. like everything is right in the world.

chris also made the two of them an awesome website…
their tagline is: “stronger together”…i love that. that’s what it’s about, right?

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design for mankind.9 January 2008 - 19:47

QUESTION. Do you have any interior design-ish photos up your sleeve? Any of fabric, crafts or cute things?

Let me know. I’m working on a surprise!

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