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what to do when it’s noon, at the beach, and the sun is out?

1) ignore it and take photos in full sun and embrace the skull look. pirates are very en vogue these days, right?
2) commandeer the blue wall of the beach “facilities” house. (i may or may not have asked a tired bicyclist if he’d mind if we moved his picnic table aside so i could use that wall as my canvas. thanks tired bicyclist!

sub question:
what to do when the groom and his 2 stand-up-men used to be in a band together and call each other names like tater, edge, and jefe?

1) break out my stern, no-nonsense “you will listen to me, and we will create amazing photo-art” persona.
2) just GO WITH IT and have some FUN! (this decision was pretty well made for me when tater revealed that his front tooth prosthetic was removable.)

WARNING: there are a LOT of images in this post! enjoy. 😀

WHO’S the big scary monsters? YOU ARE! that’s right…

i would like to point out that at this point…i was giving them NO direction. i like how edge (on the left) looks so prissy and satisfied with himself. like he’s expecting a gold star or O on his progress report.

sarah’s bouquet had a casualty…so jeff took the opportunity to do some self beautification.

actually, jeff, nasturtiums are the edible flower. i’m pretty sure lilies would taste…gross.

a brief lull wherein my gnashing teeth and pleas of, “for the MOTHERS, for the MOOOOTTHEERS!” were heard. i think this is the ONLY everyone’s smiling and no one’s doing anything wacky image i got of the whole group.


this one might be my favourite…it feels like it should be in highlights for children…”figure out everything that is going on in this picture.” (also, those are my cute new crocs…not as comfortable as my other pair, but…admittedly, a little cuter.)

what started with this (i mean, c’mon…i had to do it, right?)

quickly devolved into this

and then this

and finally this

and you’d think that was as far as they could go. but you would be wrong.

the one on the end (edge) then decided they were the “manwitches”…i think maybe he’s harbouring fantasies of being viktor krum?

then we lost jeff.

it was all over. the end.

there are a LOT more amazingly fun images from this wedding, but since i’ve already posted about 42 thousand, i should probably quit. but if you want to see more, click here.

oh and also…i made sarah’s dress.  and i am proud of that. i also made the bouquets; i am proud of that, too.

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January29 July 2009 - 09:31

Very cute 🙂

Julia30 July 2009 - 09:35

You made her dress?! The whole way through this post I kept thinking how much I loved it.. so flowy and relaxed and elegant. I’m impressed, Gwyn!

Nichole30 July 2009 - 21:15

You are amazing! You can sew? And don’t tell jenn but your bouquets came out better. The chuppa looks familiar. :). The photos came out great as always despite the sun.

Meagan18 August 2009 - 08:40

Gwyn– these pics are fantastic. I especially love when you capture candid expressions– it feels like you’re letting us in on something that we wouldn’t otherwise know. Lovely.

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