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so, i’m lucky. i get to travel and take photos and…it’s awesome.

last weekend (3-5 may), i went to columbus, oh to photograph my college friend andy’s wedding to his sweet ashley. it was a fairly traditional, midwestern wedding…complete with…the money dance!

NONE of the weddings i’ve photographed in new england have had this, so i was intrigued to see how it went down. basically…the maid of honour and the best man each hold a receptacle (the maid of honour/sister-of-the-bride had a nice flower vase…the best man/brother-of-the-groom couldn’t find anything, so…ha! he grabbed a huge basket from the buffet table that had been holding silverware.) people come up and pay some sum of money to dance with the bride or the groom.

at first, the bride was winning, but then i think it kind of evened out. one of his groomsmen came forward and paid an unknown sum to dance with the groom. i told them, “give me junior high dance!!” they totally did. i love it.

my favourite part is the look on matt (the groomsman)’s face. i don’t even know what it says, but it is awesome. also, just after this one, they stepped it up and went junior high SLOW DANCE…i think andy even rested his head on matt’s shoulder. it’s basically amazing.

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Andrew Hunn12 May 2008 - 13:33

Just so you know, I think this is a decidedly Ohio custom. I had never heard of it whatsoever in Indiana and was basically pressured into it by Ashley. I am glad it only lasted a couple of minutes.

Incidentally, she won $95-$94. 🙁

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