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quick news bulletin

first off, thank you everyone for the kind words about mao.  i can still hardly believe he’s gone.  sometimes i go to the door to let his brother in, and i feel like if i keep watching the path long enough, mao will turn the corner and come trotting up to be let inside.  i miss him a lot, but life is SO crazy right now that i am keeping busy and distracted.

secondly, i am surviving “the great ice storm of 2008”.  we lost power shortly before midnight on thursday.  48 hours sans power is rapidly approaching.  i didn’t get much done yesterday (though a pajama party and lentil soup at a friend’s…warmed on the gas grill in the garage was pretty fun)…but i’ll just have to be satisfied with the small amt of packing i did before the candlelight was no longer cutting it.

i am currently camped out at panera in dover…a kind samaritan left us her power strip so some friends and i have been camped out for several hours churning through the to-do lists we didn’t get to touch yesterday.

when i left my house this morning, my delightful over-the-garage, well-lit (read:  6 windows on 3 sides of the room) room was approximately 47-48 degrees.  here’s hoping the pipes don’t freeze tonight!!  it’s supposed to get down to about 5.  5 degrees.  with no heat.  AWESOME!  i’m glad i have 2 down comforters on my bed.

anyway…to all who submitted print orders by the deadline, never fear…you WILL have your prints!  i am working on submitting the orders RIGHT NOW.  i appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.  to say i am stressed and feeling torn in multiple directions would be like calling joseph smith a polygamist.  (that is…a major understatement.)

ok, back to work!  (also, the floor to ceiling windows in panera at winter…SO not my friend!  brrrrrr.)

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