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confession:  it takes me roughly 400 years to properly blog a wedding…which is probably why i post so infrequently.  i don’t want to do it halfway…so i just…don’t do it.


there are people out there…people who deserve blog posts from me.  so, hopefully this adorable family i photographed when i was in arizona last september will tide you over.

i started off focusing on little jacob.  he was just about 1 month old at the time.
(NB:  if you want to schedule a baby shoot…1 month old is basically the worst time possible!  at that age every child goes through that horrible precursor of adolescence…BABY ACNE!  the very best time to photograph your baby is in the first two weeks…so if you know you want to do a session, it would be best to contact me before the baby’s even born.)

look at those tasty baby fingers!

and delicious baby toes!

and for dessert…delectable baby leg rolls.

then the whole fam joined in the fun…big brother joel was alternately delightful and…two.  family sessions are NEVER boring!

i love this one because it’s got everyone in it…in a way that totally shows off the new family dynamic.

(moral of the story…to stop almost-2-yr-old crying children…throw them in the air. high.)

and now for my 2 favourite images from the session…

i didn’t pose her…we were walking back to their house, and i saw her there in that perfect light, looking down at her little bubba…and yelled, FREEZE! and it’s perfect.

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jess5 April 2009 - 23:57

too cute! and the colors are killah!!

Corey6 April 2009 - 00:13

I love love love the family shot from behind and the last 2 shots! What an adorable family!

monica flores6 April 2009 - 11:09

I love these shots. You already know that though. Their such a photogenic couple. You really captured their personalities so well. I love the shots of Aub at the end, but also the one of her laughing, and the one of Ryan pouting at Joel. So. CLASSIC.

It was great too look at these again, I can’t believe how much bigger the boys are in such a short period of time.

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