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i found these old timey photos of me whilst i was packing.  and i thought to myself, “self, those loyal blog readers deserve a present, and what better present is there than looking at the gwyn as a wee, tiny girl w/ fluffy white blonde ringletted hairs?”  and i couldn’t think of one, so i made it happen.  these are posted in no particular order, so…chronology was kind of ignored.  (in case you were all, “whoah, she had hair, and then she didn’t, and then she DID again!”)

first off, the christmas one.  i would have guessed this was a horrible olan mills type photo, but i kind of remember my mom saying something about having ugly olive carpeting in that house, so…she could have taken it.  who knows.  but the point is…wasn’t i adorable?

1.  my mom is STILL obsessed with green.
2.  i STILL cannot concentrate w/o doing the “michael jordan face”.  (i got teased for it a LOT in 2nd grade.  mean abe singer and his sidekick whose name i cannot remember.)

i think i look like i’m about to sneeze.  this grandpa lives in arizona now, but he used to live in nevada when i was little.  bek-the-sister and i used to go exploring in the mountains/desert behind his house.  once we found this abandoned talcum mine and decided we were going to make homemade baby powder.  yeah, we were awesome.  (i don’t think it really worked out that well for us, though.)


omg…the…something-babies-are-afraid-of is coming!

i think this is my great grandpa.  i don’t really know.

anyway, merry christmas!  i am hard at work getting print orders ready to mail out on monday and finalising everything before my big trip.  (oh, and packing all of my earthly possessions into boxes so i can put them in a 10×10 concrete/corrugated tin closet.  awesome.)

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