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unexpectedly awesome day

ok, not entirely unexpected.

but…despite the horrible, wretched weather, i had a fantabulous day. that even started out with an excellent hairday. (the rain ruined that and left me frizzyheaded, but i have a couple bits of photographic evidence that my medusahead was at least temporarily tamed!)

haha! i’m such a dork.

but then again, i am also a freaking awesome rockstar. but mostly a dork.

one last “my hair is not completely out of control photo. these days are few and far between, so, when they happen, i like to make sure they’re preserved so i don’t lose hope entirely and shave my head.

i went to newburyport, ma (always a good time) to meet the fabulous shyla for brunch and some photo adventuring. while i was walking to our meeting place, i spied ben’s mom driving by…funny coincidence, and i was so excited to be able to tell her the photos were ready!

(i had a few minutes waiting for our meeting time, so i had to capture my beloved vw’s front grille and some of the funky red berries that were adding a splash of colour to the mostly dead foliage around the parking lot.)

then shyla and i wound up at fowle’s soda/cigar/cafe shop…a very strange amalgamation that is charming and has delicious breakfast food. i got the lemon and raspberry french toast, and she got the always-a-good-choice eggs benedict.

the server saw me taking photos of the food, and he said, “it tastes as good as it looks.” when he came to clear the plates, he said, “was i right? did it taste as good as it looked?” we assured him that it was delicious. probably should have just clarified at the beginning, “um…photographers. we record any/everything. y’know…for internet purposes.”

please note that this is not an out-of-focus picture. i got one of those kiwi seeds in focus. and, uh…i meant to do that. yeah.
(side note: i don’t eat kiwis. mostly because one time when i was in about 6th grade, i cut one up, and it made my hands break out. i figured…probably shouldn’t put something INSIDE me that gave me a reaction on the outside. also, in new zealand–where i’ve spent significant time–they always call it “kiwifruit”, because kiwis are what they call themselves, and also an indigenous nocturnal bird. never let it be said that my blog is not educational.)

then, even though it was raining and generally horrid/wretched/awful-in-most-every-way out, we HAD to take some photos. mostly shy shot me (because i did, after all, bring my red and white polka dotted rainboots and giant polka dotted umbrella. i’m sure she’ll get those up sometime, and i’ll let you all see me jumping in puddles and off of sculptures, etc.)

i did get to grab a couple of her. she’s a truly, truly lovely person. her laugh is infectious, she has the best smile i think i’ve ever seen, and her eyes are GAWGEOUS, dahling! it was one of those, “wow, i just met you, but i know we’re going to be great friends” sort of brunches.

check out that infectious laugh!

and those gorgeous blue eyes! (um, we set the camera on the dash and tried to get on the same focal plane. uh…didn’t work. so…i’m fuzzy. but that’s ok. you guys know what i look like. :-D)

one last one…we were warming up in her car…that rain was COLD! i took off my rain-speckled glasses and just had to grab a shot of them sitting on the dashboard.

i hope you all managed to find fun things to fill this rainy saturday with!

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