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retroblogging: europe day 3

day 3 involved quite a lot of time in the car. (i rented a car for 4 days while i was there…didn’t drive it all for day 2, but when i returned it, i’d put 1800km on it. also, when they say gas in europe is $6/gallon…it is not an exaggeration.)

i woke up to a view of the mountains still obscured by clouds.

headed to bern to have lunch with…wait for it…a girl i met in new zealand feb 2009…when i was visiting the YWAM base outside christchurch from my 2009 nz hq in auckland. thanks to fb…we were still in contact and managed to connect for a homemade lunch of spaghetti. i got lost in bern, too. google maps were not terribly helpful…my almost-dead cell phone was, though…and worth the $1.50/minute i paid to get talked in to my destination. in my driving around the city, i saw the best. thing. ever.

that right there is a dog…carrying his master’s basket full of…whatever. i would really quite enjoy having a dog follow me around carrying stuff for me.

i finally made it to my destination in germany after…you guessed it…getting lost. did i mention it’s worth bringing a GPS if you’re gonna drive around europe? it is.
my friend JP suggested dinner at the nearby castle. because when you’re in europe…”we’re up to here in effing castles. sometimes we just long for a bungalow.” (the language might be offensive to some. but it is very very funny.)
anyway…we went to kusel castle…which is, of course, quite spectacular.

i had steak and pommes frites. which were delectable.

on the right is…um, i can’t remember the name. but it is a beer + sprite mix…which is actually much better than you’d expect. it’s named for bicycle riders…refreshing to drink in the summer without leading to intoxication and bike-falling-off-of.

and then…oh then…THEN i had the best dessert i think i’ve ever put in my face.

fresh, warm, crispy apfel strudel. omg. just…go to germany. eat some. as soon as you possibly can. the ticket over there is worth it.

then we went back and drank booze and watched eddie izzard. which is never a wasted evening.

the pictures from day 4 are a little more exciting and visually appealing. but not as mouthwatering.

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Peter20 January 2010 - 10:11

In Hamburg the beer + sprite mix is called “Alsterwasser” (the Alster being the name of a river in Hamburg.)

I think the name you were trying to remember is “Radler”?

Gail21 January 2010 - 08:57

Okay, a few things:
1) That first shot is spectacular
2) I had no clue who Eddie was but after watching that clip, I was LMAO
3) You are REALLY making me excited for my trip to Europe this summer!!!

Jen22 January 2010 - 00:55

Here in Oz we call beer+sprite a “shandy”

Kate28 January 2010 - 19:21

Delicious! Food & photos looks amazing Gwyn!

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