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so…i love the idea of bartering…no cash changing hands.  just…you’ve got skillz (or stuff)…i’ve got skillz…let’s trade!
if i’ve got something you want, and you think you might have something i’d want, feel free to suggest it!  i am definitely open to the idea (but i won’t hesitate to say, “i’m sorry…i am not interested in your 1984 delorean.  i prefer volkswagens.”)
things i’m currently interested in:

*seamstress services
*furniture (i’d be picky, though!)
*frequent flier miles!  (always.)
*beauty regime stuff (uh…haircuts/eyebrows/highlighting…etc.)
the way i do this is…i know the monetary value of my services/time…you figure out the monetary value of your product/service, and we swap.
NB:  please don’t suggest this to me if it is not your trade.  for instance, “i used a highlight cap once on my friend!” doesn’t count as being a qualified hairdresser.  😀  (though i’m sure your friend’s hair turned out nicely, and she was lucky to have you do it.)
and, because i am a photographer and this is my blog…here is a random photo from when i was in florida last october.

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