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warm fuzzies

today I got this email from Jeff (see post directly below this ‘un):


these are a HUGE hit with us and our families and we absolutely love them! great job and we’re looking forward to this weekend, thanks again,

warm fuzzies. like…mint hot chocolate and sweat pants on a winter day, Gloria Jean’s iced mochas, kittens, and polka-dots. THAT’S how I feel when I get emails like this. y’know, for the record.

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halida & jeff–engagement

The story of how Halida and Jeff found me is my favorite to date…my friend Amy works in an awesome shoe store in downtown Portsmouth (bestplaceonearth). Halida was in there..and I guess they got to chatting, and Amy mentioned that she knew a wedding photographer. They exchanged information, and I think Amy sent Halida the link to my website.

I was actually in dialogue with another couple in Ohio for that particular date, and I’ve never been so happy when plans fell through. Halida and Jeff are GREAT. They’re getting married this coming Saturday, so I was amazed (and honored) that they found time to meet me in Portsmouth to do engagement photos less than a week before their wedding. We had a great time though; the day was unbelievably beautiful and the light was stunning. I had a hard time picking my favorites!

this is her grandmother’s ring…as is! so, because they had an heirloom ring to use, Jeff gave her an engagement bike…today they’re actually biking from Portsmouth to Newburyport, or Hampton Beach…or some other ridiculously long distance to go on a bicycle. They’re hardcore.

the rest of the photos from this amazing session are here.
Check ’em out, because I had a dickens of a time narrowing down my choices to just 8!

H&J–I’ll see you guys on Saturday. I can’t WAIT!

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[…] is jeff’s brother…so i first met jonathan & caroline at halida & jeff’s wedding in june 2007. (and of course, halida & jeff were at this shindig…it’s […]

Chrissa & Daniel

I’m shockingly tardy in posting this, so without further ado…

Perhaps you’ll recall Chrissa and Daniel from this post. They were married on May 5th at the Codman House in Lincoln, MA, which is a fantastic venue! Their caterer was amazing, and the Codman House’s coordinator, Nancy, was friendly and helpful.

And of course, the day was gorgeous–sunny and clear.

Chrissa had some very normal wedding-day last-minute things pop up, so she was running a bit late. She arrived and told me she was feeling kind of stressed…but I tell you no lie–no one would have ever guessed it! She looked calm, peaceful, and so lovely. I adore that flower in her hair.

I overheard one of her guests telling her later in the day, “someone told me this on my wedding day, and I wish I’d thought to tell you–something WILL go wrong, but it WILL be ok. and you WILL still get married.” And now I pass this sage bit of advice along to all of you–expect the unexpected, keep your “eyes on the prize”–getting married!, and all the little stuff will stay in perspective.

I like the expectation in her body language…she’s waiting to go out and join her groom at the altar.

The groom’s mother looks on as Daniel and Chrissa share a laugh at the altar.

the groomsmen were kind of rockstars…

I was so excited about Chrissa and Daniel’s wedding because they said they might have CROQUET. They didn’t disappoint. Then she cracked me up with her satire on being a bridezilla…she decided she was going to claim “bride’s right” and requested the red croquet ball for photos. Gotta love a bride whose wedding day demands only went so far as to specify her desired color for lawn game accoutrements.

Even the rockstar guys got in on the fun.
(No groomsmen were injured in the taking of this photograph.)

I just LOVE how everyone is kind of doing their own thing. Chrissa and Daniel’s friends and family knew how to have a good time. They were lots of fun to photograph.

The new husband and wife did get to steal a few quiet moments alone during the day.

And last but not least, my favorite image from the day:
(The rest of my favorites are here.)

Chrissa and Daniel–Thanks for being so much fun and having such great friends. I had a blast.

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photography4me10 July 2007 - 21:56

I really enjoyed viewing these photos. Such great lighting. I am into photography myself.

HubertLaump22 September 2021 - 18:04

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This past weekend I went down to Rhode Island for my friend’s birthday. She…well, she loves pirates. a LOT. and Newport was having a pirate festival, so we all pirated-up and sailed on down.

Even as a pirate, I have a camera. It’s my role on deck, you could say.

Also, I only included this one because I didn’t want anyone to mutiny…

Some of them were QUITE committed to achieving that piratey look.

The pirate-loving friend has a tiny, wee baby…who dressed up w/ grandma to be pirate wench and mini-me pirate wench…it was rather darling.

What pirate weekend would be complete without a hanging in the town square?

Captain Jack didn’t lose any sleep over it, though.

her costume was really unbelievable…(this is captain jack wishing he had a bit more rum.)

I love how this looks like a piratey-band cd cover.

after the festival, we were going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, or…whatever it’s called. The theatre was having a costume contest, so she wanted to be Elizabeth Swan when she had to go swimming in her nightgown.

And she somehow made it look kind hot, right?

This may be my favorite of the little mini-shoot we did at the beach.

I’m so glad I have friends who will do what I say for photos…

“climb a tree”, “go in the ocean…in your nightgown. and sit on the rock”, “let me tie this scarf around your neck and pretend to hang you.”

Good times.

for anyone who really, really loves pirates, you can see the rest of the photos here.

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Becky Miller30 May 2007 - 09:36

Did that lady realize her nightgown would go transparent like that when it got wet?