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favourite. EVER.

soo…on 9/1 i headed down to philly-ish-town to photograph the everything-but-the-ceremony-because-they-already-did-it-in-PARIS-i-KNOW!-i-feel-bad-for-
them-too of catherine and dave.

we met at a park to do some couple and family photos before we headed to their family restaurant for a pretty awesome party/reception.

as per usual, bridal hairdos take longer than expected, so our time was cut a wee bit short…making me triply glad i’d done location scouting beforehand.

these two images are probably my favourite bride and groom shots ever. (ok, as i type that, i’m reviewing other favourites and going, “hmmm, is that ACTUALLY true? i don’t know…” they’re contenders for the all around, and definite gold medalists for the “fun” category.)

i told them to “give me rockstar”…catherine pulled out the big guns, totally trumping dave’s token rockstar sign. i told dave, “dude, she totally beat you!” and because dave is a rockstar kind of guy (catherine made him take off his skull ring for photos), he said, “wait, wait…let’s do it again. i can do better.)

and this next one…this was ALL her. which is why she is my favourite (of the minute…i kind of have a lot of favourites.)

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