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thanks a lot…REALITY.

so, sarahkchen (a fellow wedding photographer and fantastic person) has a pretty incredible ring shot on her blog right now…it’s gotten a lot of compliments, and i was looking at it going…i could probably create an effect like that…i’d just have to ______ and then ______ and then do ________.

i was ALL SET to haul my butt off my chair and give it a whirl, and then i was like,

oh yeah.  i don’t HAVE a big diamond to play around with.”

and then i returned to my regularly scheduled programming, which currently…is working on chris & kate’s photos from their peak’s island october wedding and avoiding doing my oh-so-hip-and-totally-2008-not-2000 tae-bo video, that i-don’t-care-what-you-say…it totally kicks my butt!  (and then i don’t have to leave the house.  it is grey and misty and foggy and rainy.

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