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i met shyla, um…last february…ish…?  she’d just moved from southern california because she fell in love with new england.  i so get that.  she is one of those utterly delightful souls who has never met a stranger and who genuinely sees creativity and beauty in everyone.  i am not such a delightful soul…i’ve met plenty of strangers and felt no need to get to know them…so, it is nice to have shylas in my life.  (not that there is more than one shyla…i just mean those rare special beams of sunshine that brighten anyone they touch.)

we’ve had lots of adventures since then.  she came up in may and made me look freakin’ gorgeous (well, for me…i guess it’s relative.  haha.) which, apparently, i failed to blog about.  which i suppose isn’t all that weird, i fail to blog a lot of things in a timely manner.  thus, i will do a quick show and tell right here.

i think the 2nd one’s beautiful, but the first one is so…gwyn.  right?  c’mon, those of you who’ve met me…you know it’s true.

seriously…is that ME?  also, shoes:  cute, but so not comfortable.  🙁

see?  she made me purty.

anyway…she came along w/ me to nicki & shane’s wedding last month.  i rarely work with another photographer, but i’ve done so more frequently of late…and it makes things so much more fun!  (and i mean…we’re already starting with a triple-scoop of fun, so it’s like…a 5-scoop sundae.  so much fun you can’t even finish it.)

i was trying to get the mom and baby interaction, but of course i was using a wide lens and somehow had tunnel vision–mom and baby–and failed to notice shy back there…of course my first instinct was, “PUT. ON. INTERNETS.”

she also stood in for me while i tested light/my flash.  she joked she needs to take this one for her “shyla’s complicated relationship with flash” memoirs.

thanks, shyla, for making my day (life) better with your shenanigans and wonderful eye for capturing beauty.

(stay tuned…when i post about nicki & shane’s fabulous military wedding…you’ll get to see some more of shyla’s talent.)

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rachel18 November 2008 - 07:08

fun post! does she appreciate you posting the best ones of yourself, and the funniest ones of her?? that would make me love you for sure 🙂

shyla you should come to our boston photographers ‘lush club.’

Maggie18 November 2008 - 08:36

I LOVE that blue dress on you!

That’s all.

jess18 November 2008 - 10:42

Well you already know I love the shots of you 🙂 Beautiful! I want to meet Shyla the rockstar!

gwyn18 November 2008 - 11:50

thanks maggie! it’s the isaac mizrahi “couture” dress: from target. the best part…? i totally got it in-store for, wait for it…$12.88!!

Amanda19 November 2008 - 13:41

I love the shoes! Too bad they are not comfortable…..that seems to be a common trend with cute shoes

and the shots of you are so fun! Your face in the one of you in the white dress on the grass makes me think you are stuck in mud or something….and don’t want anyone to know

carlos benjamin20 November 2008 - 00:41

Is that a spaceship on the red dress?

If I wasn’t an old married fella….. Those are hott! I’m talking about the goofy ones…..

lmariea19 March 2009 - 21:30

I have that blue dress! In fact, I got my engagement photos taken in it a few weeks ago. I made a similar call and broke out my red heels for the occasion.

You look better in it than I do, though. 😉

BTW, LOVE your work. I found you through today’s post on Style Me Pretty.

I’ve sent some of your links on to my photographer. He’s just getting started and loves perusing other people’s work for inspiration.

I think you’re fab. *muah!* Will visit your blog often!

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